Halpin Responds to Governor’s State of State Address, Urges Quick Resolution to Budget Crisis

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Following Governor Rauner’s annual State of the State Address Wednesday, state Rep. Mike Halpin, D-Rock Island, issued the following statement:

 “Today Governor Rauner delivered his third State of the State address as Illinois enters its 19th month without a full budget. In those 19 months, our state’s increasing bill backlog has more than doubled from $4.5 billion to $10 billion, and millions of residents have gone without critical life-saving services. Many communities have had their neighborhood resource centers close their doors and shut down for good.

 “I came to Springfield to be an independent voice amid the partisan bickering, and I believe that Illinois must buckle down and reduce spending by eliminating corporate loopholes and cutting down on government fraud and abuse. We should be looking at new avenues to increase revenue that do not burden middle-class families, such as requiring the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share with a Millionaire’s Tax for education, a proposal voters overwhelming supported in 2014. In recent years, families in the Quad Cities have been balancing their budgets in the face of rising costs and shrinking wages, and the state of Illinois should be expected do the same.

 “I agree with the governor that Illinois must do more to attract and retain businesses who want to invest in Illinois. However, we must prioritize the support of middle-class residents, not corporate executives trying to pad profits. I look forward to advancing proposals that will level the playing field for small businesses, who have always been the driver of job creation, and reward companies for investing in Illinois.

 “From our infrastructure to our education system, Illinois needs solutions to the challenges we face today and tomorrow. I look forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to make sure we deliver needed results to the residents we serve.”

For more information, please contact Halpin’s full-time constituent service office at rephalpin@gmail.com or at 815-661-0389.