Jacobs uncertain that Governor's budget plan will succeed

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

State Senator Michael Jacobs (D-Moline) showed disappointment after hearing Governor Pat Quinn's budget address.

Senator Jacobs is concerned that Governor Quinn's budget is predicated on a mistaken premise of giving and taking in the same breath. 

"Governor Quinn needs to realize that the water is deeper than he thought and that he must be careful not to drown," said Senator Jacobs. "Our budget problem has been building over several years and he cannot fix it in just one. We need to get our State back on a firm financial ground, and I applaud the Governor for instituting a zero base budget approach which I have proposed since my first day."

"The Governor should not be shoving this financial problem on those he believes can most afford it," said Senator Jacobs. "By raising the income tax only one percent across the board will give us more money and more importantly lessen the burden on all families."

Senator Jacobs has been a member of the Illinois Legislature since 2005.