CSC Announces New Coordinator of Transfer Services & Minority Outreach

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Rodney Blue

The Carl Sandburg College Board of Trustees recently hired Rodney Blue of Galesburg as the coordinator of transfer services and minority outreach during the regular monthly meeting held in October.

The college added the new position called Coordinator of Transfer Services and Minority Outreach in September.  The college noticed an increase in university transfer credit hours making up the total percentage of credit hours generated at CSC. The college also recognized the need to provide additional outreach to the minority community. Some of Blue’s responsibilities for the position include developing and implementing a district-wide transfer services program, arranging campus visits for transfer students, developing contact relationships with the minority community, and actively recruiting minority students to enroll at CSC.

Blue earned his Bachelor of Arts from Western Illinois University. He has been employed as an emotional behavior disorder individual aid at Churchill Junior High in Galesburg, and has experience as a youth development assistant and summer day camp counselor at the Knox County YMCA. He also has previous experience as an alternative classroom teacher at the Knox County Academy and is involved with area youth as a track and cross country coach.

“What we’ll do at the college is expand and really fine-tune our transfer student service program, so we can give information to the students well ahead of time,” said Blue, speaking about the transfer services portion of his job. “When they (students) get ready to transfer to that four-year school, they’ll have that much more knowledge, be more comfortable, have most of their questions answered, know which credits will transfer…all those important steps when they get ready to make that big decision.” Blue’s goals include taking students to area colleges and universities so that they can meet admissions counselors, walk the campus, get familiar with classrooms, and meet with professors. “I will walk them through, and I will sit down and reassure them that this will be a smooth transition,” said Blue. “I’ll be able to really reach out and give that one-on-one personal care.”

Blue also shared about the minority outreach portion of his title. “Galesburg has a lot of minority people in the community that need guidance and structure. Just to be able to reach out and let them know the services that Carl Sandburg College provides…they couldn’t have picked a better person than me,” said Blue. “Now to be able to reach out to the community where I grew up in, and help them, guide them, and get them to a level where they can understand that they can be successful… it’s just a joy to use these skills to help build opportunities for minorities in the community that wants to look at higher education.”