Verschoore Passes Gun Rights Bills out of Committee

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

As a member of the Illinois House of Representatives Agriculture and Conservation Committee, State Rep. Pat Verschoore (D- Milan) voted to move two measures forward on Wednesday that would strengthen 2nd Amendment rights for Illinois citizens.

 “The right to keep and bear arms is so important that our founding fathers included it in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution,” said Verschoore. “All too often individuals who participate in hunting and other sportsman activities see their rights attacked because of the actions of criminals. Law-abiding citizens who uphold time-honored traditions should not be punished.”

House Bill 265 and House Bill 142, both strongly backed by Verschoore, were passed out of committee on Wednesday. House Bill 265 prevents local governments from establishing separate rules for transporting firearms or ammunition than those set forth by the state. House Bill 142is a similar piece of legislation that prevents local governments from imposing greater restrictions on firearm ownership or possession than those set forth by the state.  .

Verschoore is also an advocate for legislation that would allow for Illinois residents who have completed the proper training courses to carry concealed weapons. The current bill moving forward in the house that would legalize conceal and carry, House Bill 148, is expected to be heard in the Agriculture and Conservation Committee next week.

“Today was an important first step forward in expanding Second Amendment rights in the state,” said Verschoore. “While the ultimate goal is to see the passage of concealed carry legislation, I am pleased with our work to keep municipalities from enforcing needless regulations on firearms that are more restrictive than laws already in place by the state.”

For more information on this or any of Rep. Verschoore’s legislation, please contact his constituent services office at (309) 558-3612.