Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford and Attorney Steve Kim Announce Comprehensive Performance Audit for the Office of State Treasurer

Andy Brownfield

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is proactively ordering a wide-ranging performance audit of the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the programs of the Office of the Treasurer.

The performance audit will be conducted by an independent, bi-partisan, private sector, non-compensated advisory group chaired by Chicago attorney Steve Kim. Serving as Kim’s vice-chairs will be Elba Aranda-Suh, executive director of the National Latino Education Institute, and Don Tracy, a Springfield based lawyer.

“The performance audit is to protect the public interest through an objective analysis of programs within the Office of the Illinois State Treasurer,” said Rutherford. “This objective analysis will improve each program’s performance and operation, suggest some efficiencies, and reduce overall costs.”

Rutherford is honored that Steve Kim has volunteered to serve as chairman of the performance audit group. “The treasurer's vision of making the office more efficient and effective in serving the needs of Illinois citizens and small businesses is admirable. Bringing in a fresh perspective from community and business leaders is critical during the current economic and budget woes facing state government,” said Kim. “New ideas by the private, academic and non-profit sectors will help the office address the needs of all Illinoisans more effectively.”

The performance auditing team will be responsible for helping to identify ways for the services and benefits of the treasurer’s programs to reach Illinois citizens in the most cost-efficient manner. The auditors will also be asked to determine whether any of the reviewed programs should be eliminated, streamlined, or consolidated.

Treasurer Rutherford is grateful for the service soon to be performed by these dedicated volunteers.