Jacobs calls on the Governor to apply for funding to build bullet trains

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline), along with his Senate colleagues, is urging Governor Pat Quinn to apply and fight for federal funding for bullet trains refused by the Governor of Florida.  

"I want to ensure that the Chicago to the Quad-Cities rail line is completed," stated Senator Jacobs, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee.  "The additional funding would not only provide economic development to the area, but also create nearly 1,700 jobs.  Florida just gave up $2.4 billion that Illinois can use to make bullet trains a reality for the Quad Cities."

According to the Washington Post, "The Federal Department of Transportation has recently made these funds available to states through a competitive process that will reward those states most likely to move swiftly to put people to work building rail service."

To prove Illinois is in a position to use those dollars immediately, the General Assembly recently passed legislation that will allow us to put these dollars into construction of new rail lines across the state. From the state-wide high speed rail commission, to local endeavors already in place; such as the Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition; Illinois is prepared to put these federal dollars to use building new rail lines in Illinois.

"The City of Moline has already invested $1.2 million to purchase the O'Rourke Building which will be renovated for the new rail station," stated Moline Mayor Don Welvaert.

"By funding the Chicago to Quad-Cities passenger rail route, the Federal Department of Transportation will help to bring much needed economic development, infrastructure improvements and job development to the Quad-City area," Jacobs stated.  "These improvements would bring stability to our financially struggling region."