Verschoore Upset over Concealed Carry Loss

Melissa Leu

State Rep. Pat Verschoore (D-Milan) released the following statement on House Bill 148’s failure to pass out of the Illinois House on Thursday:

“Throughout my service as a legislator, I have been a staunch advocate for and a co-sponsor of many pieces of concealed carry legislation, including House Bill 148.  I am upset that we came so close to passing the measure out of the House only to have it fail by a few votes.  For too long, the law-abiding citizens of Illinois who wish to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms have been prevented by the efforts of gun-grabbers from the Chicago area.  Illinois has been essentially punishing the responsible gun owners of our state by denying them the opportunity to carry concealed weapons.

“The people of my district have been telling me for some time now that they want to have the right to carry concealed weapons, and I agree with them. There is no evidence that denying the Second Amendment rights of trained citizens who have undergone background checks has made our cities any safer; violence and crime still happen in communities throughout our state.  The time has come for Illinois to catch up with the other 48 states in our nation by making concealed carry a reality, and it is a shame that some of my colleagues disagree. I will keep fighting on this issue until concealed carry rights become law.”