Jacobs supports program to assist veteran-owned businesses

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline) has joined with Lead Sponsor Senator Maggie Crotty in providing veteran-owned businesses the opportunity to compete for state contracts, Senate Bill 1270.

"I applaud the work and negotiations Senator Crotty has undertaken to pass this bill," stated Senator Jacobs.  "This is an attempt to assist veteran-owned businesses and to help those individuals who have honorably served our country and defended our freedoms."  

Senate Bill 1270 will set the goal of three percent of all state contracts for procurement to go to veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran owned businesses.  Currently, the State has encouraging policies to hire veterans as part of any solicitation of business and to be employed through State government.  However, it does not have goal set in order to support businesses owned by men and women who have admirably

and honorably served their country. This bill will put that goal in place.

Proponents of this legislation include the Teamsters Joint Council 25 and 65, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the Chicago and Cook County Building Trades.

"We need to ensure that our veterans are taken care of when they come home from war, and a program such as this will ensure that we are doing more for veteran owned businesses throughout the state," stated Jacobs.

This legislation has passed the Illinois Senate and the House of Representatives and now goes to the Governor for his consideration.