Employers Boost Payrolls by +8,200 in May

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                      As expected, the Illinois seasonally

                      adjusted unemployment rate in May increased +0.2

                      points to 8.9 percent. The increase follows 15 months

                      of declining unemployment rates and was expected

                      because slight up-and-down movements in the rate and

                      the number of jobs created naturally occur in an

                      economic recovery, according to the Illinois

                      Department of Employment Security.

                      The national unemployment rate also increased in May,

                      up +0.1 point to 9.1 percent. The Illinois rate has

                      been equal to or below the U.S. rate for eight

                      consecutive months. Illinois’ three-month moving

                      average remained at 8.8 percent in May, unchanged

                      from April and its lowest average since March 2009.

                      “Illinois added more than 8,000 jobs in May,

                      continuing the long-term trend of a healing economy

                      and reflects successful efforts to grow jobs,” IDES

                      Acting Director Jay Rowell said. “Just as we expected

                      the unemployment rate would tick upward at times

                      during our recovery, we know job-creation must

                      continue and individuals should take advantage of the

                      state’s workforce training network so they can

                      improve their skills and be part of the economic


                      Illinois added +8,200 jobs in May. The three-month

                      moving average of seasonally adjusted payroll

                      employment shows +6,600 additional positions for

                      March through May. The three-month context better

                      depicts trends in the labor market by offsetting

                      fluctuations in monthly payroll estimates. Since

                      January 2010 when Illinois employment resumed after

                      the national recession, Illinois has added +107,700

                      net new jobs. Leading sectors are Professional and

                      Business Services (+39,900); Educational and Health

                      Services (+28,100); Trade, Transportation and

                      Utilities (+25,600); and Manufacturing (+19,900).

                      That represents a 1.9 percent job growth, compared to

                      the nation’s 1.4 percent.

                      In May, the number of unemployed individuals rose for

                      the first time since January 2010, increasing +9,800

                      (+1.7 percent) to 585,000. Total unemployed has

                      declined -155,100 (-21.0 percent) since January 2010

                      when the state unemployment rate peaked at 11.2

                      percent. The unemployment rate identifies those who

                      are out of work and seeking employment. A person who

                      exhausts benefits, or is ineligible, still will be

                      reflected in the unemployment rate if they actively

                      seek work.

                      The IDES supports economic stability by administering

                      unemployment benefits, collecting business

                      contributions to fund those benefits, connecting

                      employers with qualified job seekers, and providing

                      economic information to assist career planning and

                      economic development. It does so through nearly 60

                      offices, including Illinois workNet centers.

                      Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rates


                      2011    April

                      2011    May

                      2010    3-Month

                      Moving Avg.

                      Illinois      8.9%  8.7%  10.5%*      8.8%

                      U.S.    9.1%  9.0%  9.6%* 9.0%

                      *  Revised

                      Illinois Seasonally Adjusted Non-farm Jobs – by Major


                      Industry Title      May

                      2011*   April



                      2010**  Over the Month Change   Over the Year

                      Change  3-Month

                      Moving Avg.   Change from



                      Mov. Avg.

                      Total Non-farm            5,688,200   5,680,000

                      5,626,600     8,200 61,600      5,679,700   6,600

                      Mining  9,300 9,400 9,000 -100  300   9,400 -100

                      Construction        205,300     202,900     199,400

                      2,400   5,900 203,600     1,300

                      Manufacturing       573,100     568,700     560,900

                      4,400   12,200      568,500     3,200

                      Trade, Transportation, & Utilities    1,144,400

                      1,145,400     1,125,700   -1,000      18,700

                      1,143,300     2,800

                      Information         97,000      96,400      101,800

                      600     -4,800      97,100      -800

                      Financial Activities      355,500     353,200

                      361,600 2,300 -6,100      354,400     -100

                      Professional and Business Services    820,200

                      819,700 799,000     500   21,200      820,300     800

                      Educational and Health Services 849,800     848,400

                      829,600 1,400 20,200      848,400     500

                      Leisure and Hospitality   519,900     522,800

                      513,100 -2,900      6,800 522,200     -2,700

                      Other Services      258,600     260,000     254,200

                      -1,400  4,400 259,800     -300

                      Government          855,100     853,100     872,300

                      2,000   -17,200     852,700     2,100

                                                      * Preliminary

                      ** Revised


                      • Illinois monthly labor force, unemployed and

                      unemployment rates for years 2006-2010 have been

                      revised as required by the U.S. Bureau of Labor

                      Statistics. In February of each year, monthly labor

                      force data for all states are revised to reflect

                      updated Census population controls, seasonal factors,

                      non-farm jobs and unemployment insurance claims

                      inputs. Data were also smoothed to eliminate large

                      monthly changes as a result of volatility in the

                      monthly household (CPS) survey. Comments and tables

                      distributed in prior Illinois unemployment rate news

                      release materials should be discarded because any

                      analysis, including records, previously cited might

                      no longer be valid.

                      • Seasonally adjusted employment data for subsectors

                      within industries are not available.  For not

                      seasonally adjusted jobs data with greater industry

                      detail, go to


                      • “Other Services” includes a wide range of

                      activities in three broad categories: Personal and

                      laundry; repair and maintenance; and religious, grant

                      making, civic and professional organizations.

                      • Monthly seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for

                      Illinois and the Chicago-Naperville-Joliet

                      Metropolitan Division are available at: