Illinois Department of Insurance Reminds Consumers to Review Auto Insurance Coverage Before Accidents Occur

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Aledo Times Record

                       CHICAGO -  At the time of a car

                      accident, too many motorists are not fully aware of

                      what type of coverage their insurance provides.   The

                      Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) is reminding

                      consumers to review auto insurance policies and is

                      providing helpful steps to take in the event of such

                      an emergency.

                       “When a car accident occurs, no one can better

                      understand the feelings of trauma and confusion than

                      those involved,” said Jack Messmore, Acting Director,

                      Illinois Department of Insurance. “The Department is

                      encouraging consumers to review auto insurance

                      policies in advance to better prepare for unexpected


                      DOI, in cooperation with the National Association of

                      Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), offer consumers a

                      list of basic tips to follow after an accident.

                      • Be Prepared Before and After an Accident: By law,

                      consumers should have a valid insurance card.

                      Consumers should review insurance policies to be

                      aware of deductible amounts, liability limits and

                      towing or rental coverage. During the time of an

                      accident, motorists should remain calm, stay in their

                      car if it is unsafe, call police with basic

                      information such as the location or serious injuries.

                      Depending on the circumstances of the accident,

                      exchange personal information including insurance

                      with the other driver(s) involved, take any photos if

                      possible, take notes of the accident events and find

                      out where to get a copy of the police report. If

                      police do not come to the scene, find out where to

                      file an incident report.

                      • Filing Claims: After an accident occurs, it is the

                      responsibility of the drivers involved to contact

                      their insurance company. Drivers involved should have

                      available the police report, insurance card, basic

                      information about the accident

                      and a clear understanding of whose coverage pays for

                      which damages. In case of injuries, ask your

                      insurance provider if the insured lives in a fault or

                      no-fault state and details about medical expenses.

                      DOI encourages consumers to contact its office in

                      case of problems with filing or settling the claim

                      with the insurance company by phone at 217-782-4515

                      or through its website at

                      For a complete list of the consumer alert checklist,



 or to download the Consumer’s Guide to Auto Insurance visit