3M breaks ground on $90 million expansion in Cordova

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline) attended the ground breaking for the $90 million expansion of the 3M Plant located in Cordova, Illinois earlier this week.  This new addition to the plant will be open for business by early 2014 and it will create an additional 20 new full time positions.

"Over the decades 3M has always been a valuable resource to the community, and we appreciate their continued investments in Cordova," stated Senator Jacobs.  "We are proud to have such an innovative company in the District."

3M has a long history in Cordova.  The Company first broke ground in 1968 and production began at the plant in 1970. This plant has grown over time and now employs over 375 people and operates 24 hours x 7 days a week.

Currently, Cordova produces over 500 unique products for 27 divisions within 3M. Products produced range from Scotch(TM) brand Tapes and Post-it(R) Notes to cleaning and heat transfer fluids such as Novec (tm) Fluids, which will be produced in the new facility.

"3M has built on its success and continues to be a friend to the community through providing jobs and economic development for the region," Jacobs commented.  "I am proud to be here today as 3M begins another expansion that will not only bring onstruction jobs, but permanent jobs as well to our community." The new addition will focus on environmentally friendly products to replace currently used chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. "3M has always had an outstanding environmental, safety and health record with the EPA, and I know this level of safety and environmental consciousness will continue with the building of this new facility," stated Jacobs.