Albracht Calls For Responsibility in Use of Taxpayer Funds

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

36th District State Senate Candidate Bill Albracht (R-Moline) is calling recent revelations in the Chicago Tribune that former University of Illinois president Michael Hogan has been given a six-figure teaching job after imploding as the university’s president an outrageous example of misuse of taxpayer funds.

News reports have revealed that Hogan, among others, have been given large sums of taxpayer money and other lucrative taxpayer-funded jobs in exchange for their resignations.

“In the business world when you can’t fulfill your job requirements, you loose your job. At the University of Illinois they give you a slight demotion to another six-figure job,” said Albracht. “This is an egregious example of a publicly funded university misusing taxpayer funds. Handing out taxpayer money in the form of golden parachutes when Illinois is clearly in financial distress is criminal.”

“For years we have watched my opponent Mike Jacobs and the Democrats in Springfield do this same thing, throwing money at problems instead of solving them,” said Albracht. “Passing massive tax hikes, increasing state spending, and voting to increase legislator salaries is not how we’re going to get Illinois back on the path to fiscal health. Illinois will get back on track when we get serious about reducing wasteful government spending and repealing the 67 percent tax hike passed in January of 2011.”

Bill Albracht is a Moline native who is running for Illinois Senate in the 36th district. He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, Former Secret Service Agent, and Private Security Consultant. Albracht lives in Moline with his wife Mary.