Letter to the Editor: Practice random acts of kindness

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor: I am writing this to you on July 12, 2016. This is the ten-year anniversary of my cousin Petty Officer 1st Class Jerry Allen Tharp who was killed in Iraq. They call this an act of war and perhaps a random act of violence. It would not have happened if they had known what a great person Jerry was. He was kind, funny, caring, honest and somewhat ornery too sometimes in a good way.

It is sad when people are taken from us in this way. We hear so much of these random acts of violence in the news now and it is shocking. What if for just one short week we could have a week of Random Acts of KINDNESS? What if our community of Mercer County and surrounding areas committed these Acts of Kindness for people that perhaps we don’t even know?

We would not need a committee formed, no by-laws, and no membership dues. It would not matter what political party you belong to, if you were rich or poor, young or old. It would not matter your religious preference, marital status, ethnicity or gender. Everyone could join in.

It could be as simple as letting someone cut in front of you at the check-out. Buy the person behind you breakfast at the drive thru. It could be a baked good to a shut in. Drop a dollar bill at the store for someone else to find. Haul your neighbor’s trash to the curb for them. Or perhaps just tell someone how much you appreciate him or her and let them know you care. The great thing about Random Acts of Kindness is the person receiving the gift feels great to receive it and the person giving the gift feels great too. I believe the first week of August will be my week for Random Acts of Kindness and if this makes it to print, I invite everyone to join me in honoring the memory of my “Cuz” Jerry Tharp. Be Kind.

Julie Weeks