Lower gas prices, the PACT Act and other ways Democrats are being mean to Republicans

They’re also trying to help veterans and lower inflation. All this governing is an outrage that threatens the long-standing Republican philosophy of only helping the rich.

Rex Huppke

You may have noticed high gas prices have swiftly and rudely become less high, a trend that, if it continues, threatens to rob Republicans of a glorious midterm election cudgel. 

Democrats are undoubtedly to blame, but lowering gas prices isn’t the only way they’re sticking it to well-meaning Republicans. They’re also trying to help veterans and passing legislation aimed at lowering inflation.

All this governing is an outrage and a clear political shot at the long-standing Republican philosophy that says the government shall help only rich people.

Biden is reverse-gouging gas prices to help Democrats

It’s abundantly clear President Joe Biden is both wholly responsible for gas prices soaring to record highs a month ago and equally responsible for allowing them to now drop more than 70 cents per gallon. I assume it’s part of a scheme to make life hard for Republicans, who, according to every modern-day conservative with a Twitter account, are always the victims.

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One Republican political strategist, Chuck Coughlin of Arizona, told Politico that falling gas prices may spell political trouble for the GOP: “If the market continues to respond as it has and gets back to year-ago prices, that will definitely blunt the criticism” over inflation. And he said a return to last year’s gas prices – heaven forbid – might “be in reach by early October when early ballots drop for the general” election.

DARN YOU, BIDEN! It’s amazing how a man who, according to a piece Tucker Carlson wrote on Fox News’ website earlier this month, is “cognitively unable to serve” and “has dementia,” can also be devious and crafty enough to manipulate gas prices just to torture Republicans.

Democrats cruelly attempt to help veterans with PACT Act

Ever-cynical Democrats in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday attempted to pass a bill called the PACT Act that will help sick veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits in foreign wars.  

Trash is burned in a pit at Forward Operating Base Caferetta Nawzad in Helmand province, south of Kabul, Afghanistan, on April 28, 2011.

Last month, a similar version of the bill sailed through the Senate on an 84-14 vote. I assume, at that point, Republicans who supported it had been tricked into thinking it stood for the “Prevent Another Corporate Tax” Act.

But on Wednesday, likely shocked they might be about to help the people they routinely refer to as “America’s heroes,” Republicans turned on the legislation and voted it down, infuriating veterans groups.

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“They’re manufacturing reasons to vote against legislation that they literally voted for just last month,” Jeremy Butler, CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, told NBC News. “And so it’s really a new level of low.”

How dare these veterans place the Republican Party’s image below their desire to not die from exposure to toxic burn pits. Have they no decency?

Inflation Reduction Act a transparent Democratic ploy to make America less awful

As if all this Democratic rudeness wasn’t enough, the party surprised Republicans by reaching an agreement on legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

The act is profoundly unkind to Republicans, as it attempts to reduce inflation at a time when the GOP was just starting to enjoy knocking Democrats around over rising inflation. NOT COOL, GUYS!

Sen. Joe Manchin has reached an expansive agreement with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer which had eluded them for months on health care costs, energy and climate issues, taxing higher earners and large corporations and reducing federal debt.

The legislation focuses on letting Medicare negotiate for prescription drug prices; investing in domestic energy production and manufacturing while reducing carbon emissions by 40% in about 10 years; expanding the Affordable Care Act through 2025; and cutting the federal deficit by about $300 billion in the next 10 years.

Good ideas to improve American lives 

Those sound like good and popular ideas that might make life better for Americans. And by coming up with those ideas, Democrats are going to force Republicans to oppose them. Which is a real dirty trick.

Pretty remarkable skulduggery for a party led by a man cognitively unable to serve.

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