Days Gone By

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Aledo Times Record

10 years ago

Nov. 11, 1998

*To the fine people of Mercer County. This will be my last "sermon" in this paper, as I am retiring Nov. 14. Work on your marriage relationship. We live in a society which cares little about marriage. Our culture no longer reinforces the bonds of marriage. Husband and wives must value their marriage above all relationships. How beautiful it is to hear a couple speak with joy about their 50-60 years of marriage. We can build stronger and longer lasting marriages with God's help. Secondly, I would like to suggest that folks remember who they are. Too many have allowed the crowd to steal their identity. The crowd always says conform, be like us. God says, "I have made you unique and placed my spirit within you. In Christ, you are my daughter, my son. Remember who you are." If we wish to make a difference  in our world, we must allow God's spirit to make us different. Sounds scary I'm sure. People, we have to stand for values that are right and good and lovely. Thank you and may God shower you with blessing, is my prayer. Claude Moreland, neighbor, friend.

*JOY- Joy Bike-a-thon on behalf of St. Jude's raised over $500 to benefit St. Judes Children's Research Hospital, American's leading center for the study and treatment of childhood cancer. The rider collecting the most money was Nick Andress, collecting $213 in pledges. The most miles ridden was Bryce Retherford, riding 31 miles.

25 years ago

Nov. 9, 1981

*A compromise arrangement to allow Aledo High School band director Richard Hogan to attend the Mid-West National Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago from after class Wednesday, Dec. 14, through Friday, Dec. 17, was approved Monday night by the Aledo Board of Education. Hogan, who attended the meeting and had requested to attend the conference, said that he had attended the convention for 20 years. He said that when he signed his contract in 1967 under Superintendent Dan Hanson there was an understanding that he would be allowed to attend the conference. Hogan pointed out that during his time spent at the convention he purchases contest music for students, takes instruments to be repaired, views the exhibits and discusses areas of concerns with other band directors. Following discussion the board voted 6-1 to allow the band director's attendance after class Dec. 14. Board member Dana Frye dissented.

*The Mercer County 4-H Livestock Judging Team put Mercer County on the map by placing first at the American Royal Livestock Judging Contest held in Kansas City Saturday, Nov. 12. Mercer County represented the state of Illinois and upset the last year's champion, Minnesota. Allen Hyett, coach of the team said, "Oral reasons was the strong point of the team and that's what it takes to win." Mercer County's team placed first in oral reasons, second in cattle, and sheep judging and fifth in judging hogs. Members of the Mercer County 4-H Livestock Judging Team are Kelly Powell, Keith Richardson, Lisa Mayhew and Jim Lafever.

50 years ago

Nov.12 1958

*The carnival sponsored in the high school Monday night by Aledo Parent-Teachers Association attracted more than 400 persons, one of the largest crowds for the event in recent years. More than 400 attended the supper, served by the PTA for the first time this year, and hundreds visited the eight varied carnival booths after the meal. Movies were shown for the children in the school auditorium. Chairman of the various booths are tallying their receipts and a financial report will be made by Mrs. Robert Gahn at the next PTA meeting.

*Ceremonies held Sunday in Aledo in connection with the Eight District meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars included the burning of the mortgage on the V.F.W. hall in Aledo, and the final payment of $45,000 on the hall in Aledo in which construction was started in 1949.

*A grass fire which spread from a pile of burning leaves was extinguished by Aledo firemen Tuesday afternoon at the west end of First Street.

*A carload of hogs again this year will make up Mercer County's quota for the Christian Rural Overseas Program, or CROP drive, it was decided at a meeting this afternoon. Donations of animals, or money to purchase them, will be accepted in the campaign, scheduled to get underway the first week of December, according to Phil Farris, Secretary. Edmond Secor of Sparta, Ill. is expected ot  be the speaker at the planned meeting. He made a round-the-world trip last year and will give a slide talk on the work CROP is doing in overseas countries.

75 years ago

Nov.8, 1933

*Plans are being made to organize the Rolling Pin Club of the Aledo High school during the coming week, according to Miss Frances Robeson, domestic science instructor. All girls enrolled in the department are eligible to membership.

*Another officer will be employed to patrol the residence section of the city if necessary to halt the activities of window peepers who are becoming a serious nuisance in Aledo, Mayor John W. Murphy indicated today, as complaints continued to come into city and county authorities. For several months the problem has been growing more serious and recently at least two women have been subjected to insulting remarks called through windows by prowlers. In come cases these peepers have been recognized. The law gives no protection to individuals prowling about homes at night and there have been cases where window peepers have been shot. All residents of the city were urged to quietly call city or county officers as soon as prowlers are noticed around their homes or the homes of neighbors.