Letter to Editor

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor,

Please Vote “Yes”

The Illinois State Superintendent, Christopher Koch, recently reviewed all the data collected by the Committee of Ten from District #201 and #203 and concluded that the request for merger merited putting the question on the ballot this November. Findings included: the potential for additional curricular offerings (for both schools) giving students a the high school level more choices; the continuation of co-op sports, already existing, which would make transition easier; utilize current buildings without the need for new construction; and efficiencies due to the elimination of duplicate expenses.

With this in mind, along with continued declining enrollments in both districts (meaning reduction in funding), and increasing costs for both districts, it would seem the time is here to vote “Yes” for the merger of #201 & #203! I went on record at the hearing and Committee of 10 testimonies that I am definitely in favor of this merger, mainly for the educational benefit for the students at both schools. Our communities need to work together to make the consolidation happen. It is in the best interest of students of both districts. I urge the voters to vote “Yes” in the November election!

Respectfully submitted

Dennis Henderson