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Dear Editor,

The Korean War, frequently know as the “Forgotten War” or the “Forgotten Victory” is virtually unknown to young people, except through reruns of “Mash” on television.

But 56 years ago, in 1952, many Illinois Newspapers carried a headline noting the Federal Activation and departure of the 44th Infantry Division for Camp Cooke, Ca. The 44th (Illinois National Guard) was activated in support of the Korean War. The division was comprised of young teenagers fresh out of High School and grizzled veterans of WWII. Most of the troops traveled in military convoys and by Troop Train (with a steam engine). Many of them are no longer with us. Although many of the members of the 44th were sent to Korea, the primary mission of the 44th was training and by April 1953 had trained 15,000 troops.

The 44th was reactivated as the Illinois National Guard in 1946 after WWII, and deactivated in 1954 after Korea.

The 44th Infantry Division Veteran’s Association has scheduled a reunion for Oct. 10-12, 2008 at the Northfield Inn, Suites & Conference Center in Springfield, IL.

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