Letter to Editor

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor;

I just wanted the town of Aledo to know that you have two residents, that went above and beyond the call of duty this past weekend! Our family (nine of us) were taking a four-day vacation on motorcyles. On Sunday morning, we were heading east outside the town of Troy a couple of miles, and one of our bikes instantly got a flat tire. My brother had run over a small metal piece and within seconds the tire went flat. My husband and I rode to the next town (Aledo) and stopped at the Casey's. A gentleman was leaving as we were pulling in. We flagged him down and told him our predicament. He got right on the phone and called a buddy that rides and within minutes,  he arrived.

They gave perfect directions for us to ride the Galesburg to pick up a new tire, and while we were gone, got the rest of our riders and the bikes to his house to start tearing down the bike. When my husband and I got back with the new tire, everyone was in his shed ready to  get us back up and on our way again. Here it was, a holiday weekend, and two complete strangers, went out of their way to help us.  We come from a small town also, and it's wonderful to see your town is a lot like ours. So the next time you see Jim Chiles and Phil Duncan (sorry if I misspelled your names!!) please tell them there is a grateful family from North Iowa!! They wouldn't take a dime from us....but we have every intention of paying their kindness forward! Your town is lucky to have these two men!!

Gary and Deb Hanson

Jon and Pam Haugo

and the rest of the family

Northwood, Iowa