Eliminate discrepancies

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Letter to the editor

There have been so many discrepancies in the last two elections. Do we believe this one will be fair? From the chad counting in Florida, people from a poor neighborhood being turned away when they went to vote, being told the power was out so they couldn’t vote, (although the power across the street was on), to a small town in Ohio that had less than 700 registered voters but tallied over 4,000 for Bush last election. And whether you are a Democrat or Republican or undecided do you want your vote and every other American’s vote to be stolen from you? Is this America or a Third World Country that lets corruptive people choose who will win the election, and changes our American vote!

My father fought in World War II and he would be devastated to see the corruption in the voting that goes on. He fought to help give us that right against governments who stole from their own people! People are even taking cameras into the polling booths with them and taking pictures of themselves holding up their ballots so they have documentation in case there is any question as to their vote. Why is government so afraid of a paper receipt on the voting machines, afraid the truth will come out! You get a receipt at the store, at the bank when you register your children for school, why not one at the ballot box? Do you know they even have computer equipment that can flip or add votes! How American heartbreaking is that? Call your elected officials. Tell them to do whatever they can to make this election honest!

We are Americans and we deserve no less!

Joyce (Litwiler) Hajostek