Letter to the Editor:

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Aledo Times Record

Letter to the Editor:

After much searching I think I have finally found a silver lining to the dark cloud hanging over the Obama election. I sincerely hope I am wrong, and will gladly say so if it proves otherwise, but....

In a couple of months the ultra left liberals are in charge for the next four years-fact. If we are still a democracy in four years, the country is going to be so messed up that the ultra left will vanish as a political force to be dealt with, at least for several decades.

The economic freedoms that the middle and upper classes are about to lose will in four years create a near revolutionary attitude in this backbone of America that will sweep the halls of congress clean of these idiots who have not been able to identify the difference between a hand up and a hand out for most of their political careers. I am a conservative Democrat. That is a lot closer to being a minority in this country than the media's definition. In four years, I hope and pray that this party will come up with some leadership that gets back in touch with the real citizens who should make up this party.

So many good people have let the news media condition them to ignore the negatives of the Obama nomination, campaign, and election. With freedom of the press comes a responsibility that almost all of our major media organizations have put under the rug because of their political agenda. Think about it for a minute. It is wrong-real wrong for any news media to have a political agenda. Their job is to report the facts to US, and let us form our own opinions. This slanting of the news has just gotten the least qualified man in history elected President of the United States. Heaven help us all-excuse me, let me qualify that statement. Heaven help all of us who work for a living and pay taxes. Regardless of our race, we have just become the newest oppressed minority.

Dick Nash