Celske will not seek reelection

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

To the citizens of Aledo:

After much thought and careful consideration I have decided not to seek reelection as mayor of Aledo. Future business commitments will require more travel, which will not leave me as much time as I'd like to invest in mayoral duties.

For three and a half years, I have attempted to bring respect, energy, and a progressive attitude to Aledo City government. We have made great progress; the following are a few highlights. I exit knowing that the City's reputation and integrity has been restored and that we now actively participate in regional activities.

Our downtown is thriving and being recognized on both the state and national levels. Model building codes adopted in 2006 allowed the City to control its own destiny because the state of Illinois will soon be implementing building code mandates. Contrary to urban legend, new codes have not resulted in permit slow down, work delays, or cost increases in material or labor.

The City's budget process advanced into the 21st century along with new computers and financial software offering efficiencies and cost savings. Major infrastructure projects are nearly complete with a new 400,000-gallon water tower and the replacement of all water meters. These investments complete the total overhaul of the City's entire water supply system.  Lastly, City finances are the strongest they have been in decades. The list of accomplishments is long and I am proud of them.

It has been an  honor and privilege to serve as the mayor. I’m glad that my family allowed me the opportunity to volunteer my services. Finally, I want everyone to know that the City employees are very  dedicated and hard working. Aledo is fortunate to have such an exceptional group of individuals committed to serving the public.

In my opinion, the city is on the right path and has a bright future. I encourage others who care deeply about Aledo to run for elected office. A community is at its best when qualified and motivated citizens become involved. It is my hope that there will be many individuals willing to step up to the challenge.

It has been a privilege to represent this wonderful community.


Lee A. Celske

Mayor - Aledo