Dear School Board Members,

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Congratulations on your recent appointments to the newly consolidated school board. As you go forward you are probably already well aware of the tremendous responsibility that lies ahead of you. As the School Board, you will study, research and make critical permanent decisions based on your determinations and findings. I have seen the recent articles regarding some of these issues that are in front of you already and would like to make a request.

As a parent of a 1st grade, 4th grade and high school student I too am concerned about how the decisions being made will affect not only my children but all the children in this newly formed district, but I only ask that you continue to keep an open mind as you listen to all sides. I feel very strongly, as I know all of you do, that Mercer County is a great place to live and raise a family and I would not want to do so anywhere else.

Very soon, if not already, you will be making these critical and ever so important decisions on everything from where the children will go to school to what classes will be offered and at what grade level, to name a very few. If handled appropriately the Board has the authority and power to ensure that our consolidated district has the financial stability in place to support the district for many years to come. Again please keep an open mind and even more importantly, an open heart because in my opinion it should always be about the children and what is best for all of them.

Thank you for your time and service and God Bless!


Louise Johnson