Letter to Editor:

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Last week we listened to the new School Board for Unit #404 take an oath of office. In that oath it stated they were to work for fiscal responsibility and a better education for our children among other items. Last week we also listened to Mr. Shoemaker state that we had to be careful with our money because we didn't know if or when the state would come through with their funds.

After all of the talk of fiscal responsibility, the school board then voted to spend extra money and hire a THIRD superintendent. What happened to saving money? And where is the money going to come from to pay this third superintendent? It seems a waste of money to hire an additional person - when we have one that is more than capable to do the job - and already has lists started on what needs to be done. We don't feel we are blind siding Westmer as they have been working with Mr. Boucher all along on this consolidation. Mr. Boucher already knows one district - if you hire another he will have to learn two.

Mr. Boucher has been helping with this consolidation all along. He knows what needs to be done to get the ball rolling. He also has a vested interest in keeping this school district strong - he has children in the school system. He also is known as a very approachable man by both the teachers and the students. He has a presence at all the schools.

Does anyone on the board have any background in education or know how to run a school district? No - but Aledo's current superintendent does - and that is his job. It is not the school board's job to run the school, it is the superintendent's job. He is here to guide the new board in what needs to be done and by when. He is the person with the background in education - none of the rest of us parents or the school board have that background. We need someone who knows the education system and how to work with it. We should be discussing curriculum, transportation (which Mr. Boucher was in charge of at Sherrard), and other important issues that affect our children's education - not the mascot and gym floors.

The gym floor issue should not even be on the agenda for this board. It is an issue that is being taken care of by the current Aledo Board and will be in place by the time the new board takes over in July. And the mascot is the least of our worries. How about a proposed curriculum and teachers jobs? That is the basis of our school and more important than the mascot and the gym floor.

So we are asking the board to hire Mr. Boucher as our superintendent and get the ball rolling for a better education for all of our children. Our children approve of him - our teachers approve of him - parents approve of him - shouldn't the school board listen to the voters and taxpayers? There are only two school board members in the district that currently have children in the school system, why are they the only ones in support of Mr. Boucher? We will be at the next school board meeting to get the answers to these questions and to support Mr. Boucher. He is the right person to get the consolidation off to a good start for our children and their education. We hope to see many other parents, teachers and taxpayers at the next meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. at Aledo Junior High.


Doyle & Annette Speer