Letter to Editor-Consolidation

Staff reports

RE: Aledo-Westmer Consolidation.

I am in favor of this consolidation. Picking a school mascot and colors will be difficult.

I have received a list of possible names and colors for our school.

These are my thoughts.

Mercer County is named for General Hugh Mercer (1726-1777), a physician and General during the American Revolution who died from wounds suffered at the Battle of Princeton.

In May 1812, Congress passed an act which set aside lands in Arkansas, Michigan, and Illinois as payment to volunteer soldiers in the War of 1812.

Mercer County was part of this “Military Tract.”

Seven years after Illinois became a state, Mercer County IL was founded.

It was formed from unorganized territory near Pike County on Jan. 13, 1825.

My choices would be

The school mascot be called “The Generals”

The school colors be the same colors as the American Flag.

The school name Mercer County High School.

Elimination process -

River Pirates sounds too much like River Bandits.

Cobras - SNAKES

Golden Eagles - prefer they drop the golden

Black Knights - band from East Moline?

Thanks for taking time to read my selections


Aledo IL