Another piece of history is gone from Keithsburg

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

I am in agreement with Norma Gullickson, it saddens me to see yet more of Keithsburg’s past washed away by the Mississippi River and the citizens of Keithsburg.

Since the Keithsburg city council’s decision to accept a purchase agreement between Pioneer Railroad Equipment Co., LTD and Kinsey Farms another piece of history is going away. According to the January 2009 City Council minutes Kinsey Farms agreed to purchase the locomotive and caboose for $5,374.88 from Pioneer Railroad.

The city council agreed not to spend $17,440.00, to preserve history and to move the locomotive and caboose out of the way for levee repairs, they opted to sell it for scrap. If in fact the train no longer belonged to the City of Keithsburg and the money from the purchase agreement does not go to the city, why did the City Council get involved with the purchase agreement anyway?

My understanding of the January city council minutes is that they (the city council) would rather invest thousands of dollars for two of the four businesses remaining open in Keithsburg since the spring flood of 2008, than preserve the history and invest in the promotation of future businesses.

I have been on the city council and I know decisions are sometimes hard to make and I realize that moving the train was pertinent. It is just to bad the city and the citizens couldn’t have figured out a way to work together to keep the train.

Thank you,

Melonie McLaughlin