One cent tax would benefit schools in RI County

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor:

I am part of a campaign to build educational excellence. I am supporting an initiative on the upcoming primary ballot which will boost the local sales tax by one cent. I will pay a penny more on goods and services in Rock Island county and our local school children will get state-of-the-art facilities.

Our aging school buildings need help and this referendum is a great way to help get the needed improvements without waiting for the legislature or governor. I know this tax option works. I’ve seen school officials in Scott County-right across the Mississippi River-build new science labs, gymnasiums, art centers, and larger classrooms with their tax option money.

We would like to do the same! Iowans have been earmarking their sale tax money for 10 years and have generated more than one billion dollars in new construction in less than a decade, not to mention a new pride in their schools. There are studies that conclude there is a direct correlation between the quality of learning environments and the quality of learning by our children.

Simply put-better learning facilities lead to better learning. And I, for one, believe Rock Island county children deserve an equal playing field when it comes to learning. 

John Omar Bradley