Dear Editor:

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor,

Last week, I sent this letter (below and attached) to the President of the United States, each of our U. S. Senators from Illinois, and to our representative in the Congressional House, Phil Hare.

I'm sending to you to post, hopefully as a Letter to the Editor, for readers in our local area.    

Thanks for printing my thoughts - in Jesus,

    Pastor Daren Dietmeier

Dear President Obama,

I'm thankful to the God who created us to be able to communicate with you in the hope that you will read this brief letter, and possibly act in accordance with my request. I understand you cannot please everyone regarding important legislation that comes across your desk, but hopefully you will give this particular request serious, if not prayerful, consideration.

In the near future, the U. S. Congress will likely be acting on a piece of legislation entitled the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). If that legislation passes, as my President, I encourage you to not  to sign this piece of legislation into a law of the land. 

Evidently, abortion advocates determined that a constitutional right exists for pregnant women to remove the fetus (Latin term for "little one" or "baby") living within their wombs. These advocates of aborting human life believe legislation such as Roe v. Wade offer freedom from government intervention on a woman's right to remove the pre-born baby from her body.

I am deeply grieved that my government continues to declare that a pregnant woman has the right to kill the living being growing within her body. But, this issue goes beyond this crucial point. FOCA, if enacted, would not give healthcare providers the freedom to act according to their consciences. They would not be free to allow a woman to remain with child, but their government (assuming you sign FOCA into law) would be mandating health care providers to abort the child of a pregnant woman seeking their services to do just that.

Further, the baby, as yet appearing from the womb, and still growing distinctly within the womb is  not free to be born under federal law in this land. For 36 years now, our nation has not protected the most innocent lives in our midst - the pre-born ones.

Science tells us that at the 18th day of pregnancy, the baby's heart begins to beat. Further, it is the baby (not the mother) that creates the placenta in the womb, and the baby (not the mother) that creates the umbilical cord in the womb. The baby is reliant upon the mother for nourishment, yet is a distinct life with his (or her) own DNA and, half the times, a different gender than that of the mother!

For the sake of decency and life, and to stem the wrath of a holy God against our nation for the nearly 50 million lives we've already extinguished since 1973, please do not sign FOCA into law.

I thank you for your consideration in this important matter and will follow it closely.

Sincere regards from Mercer County, Illinois,

Pastor Daren S. Dietmeier

Aledo, IL