To the people of Mercer County and surrounding areas:

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

I’m writing this letter to you, the people, for one reason only. We are bombarded with dire, negative media. We have, as a nation, lost our way with dishonesty from elected officials, our financial institutions, our manufacturing sector, etc, etc, etc. I hope to give you some hope and a pat on the back.

Our Lord has given us a taste of heaven, right here in Mercer County. He has given us one of the most beautiful lands in our nation. We are an honest and hard working people with moral and biblical values that we all grew up with simply because we grew up right her in Mercer County.

I believe that Mercer County can be a beacon of hope for our nation. I believe the Lord has put a bright star over our area so we continue to be faithful and true in these times. That star is going to shine brighter and brighter and brighter until the whole nation will have to take notice. It has to start somewhere. Why not Mercer County with it’s shining star?

We have such hard working people who have already put our area on the map. The Main Street Project along with the City of Aledo backing, has put thousands upon thousands of hours and money into this. We had an architect which donated all of his services to make our band shell a reality. Volunteers have done so much to promote this facility for the county and surrounding areas.

As you all know we will have a new mayor and city council. Election is coming up in most of our towns. I urge our city officials to forget the partisan politics and truly work together. After all this is not an “I” or a “Me” position, but a “We” position and every decision is for the benefit of our communities.

Now to continue with your pat on the back, I promise, as a 40-year businessman, I know what it is like to go through some very bad times. I know the hurt in your heart when you have to let your valued employees go for lack of business. I also know the business people all over our county have the will to hang in there through good and bad times. We have so many good God fearing businessmen; farmers, construction and on and on and on that we will be that bright star for the whole country.

I also think the spirit of Mercer County is still growing, with new businesses starting up in towns that everyone had somewhat written off. God bless you for having the faith and the ‘hang in there’ attitude to start these new businesses.

I think WRMJ is one of the most important keys to the success in the past, present and future in keeping this county in the forefront of our bi-state communities. I look admirably at the award given me from WRMJ and have great pride in being known as the plaque indicates, “The Loneliest Fan...now revealed.


Bill Baugher.