Kid's First tax has some supporters

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor:

I am going to put "Kids First" with a yes vote on the April 7th ballot in Rock Island County.

By approving an additional one-cent sales tax on some items sold in Rock Island County I am helping our students prepare to compete in the global economy.  Children deserve to learn in the best classrooms and schools possible, but sadly many local schools are in disrepair and there is no where to turn for financial help. Items exempted from the one cent sales tax include groceries, medicines, medical supplies, cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles (any titled vehicle), farm equipment and parts. 

The proposal on the upcoming ballot would provide $13 million dollars for new school construction and repair for every school in Rock Island County. Research shows that school facility improvements lead to enhanced learning and educational success. And I want the students being educated in Rock Island County to be the best. 

Once word spreads throughout the state that Rock Island County voters are willing to invest to build education excellence new progressive, forward-looking thinking and acting parents will be attracted to our area. Young professionals are concerned about the quality of the school district in which they are living and by voting yes on the April ballot we are showing them Rock Island voters care!

Attracting new parents to Rock Island County will generate the need for new homes, which will create a positive ripple effect throughout the QC economy in terms of employment and revenue and quality of life. In addition, when businesses are making decisions about where to move an existing business or where to start a new business they invariably take a hard look at the quality of schools in the area. With better schools in place, more businesses will choose the Illinois Quad Cities and then the whole region and its economy will be the winners!

Tom Bracke