Kids get gypped

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor,

The kids always get gypped when raised by single mothers, divorced or never married. But Christy Lleras ignored this fact in her U. of I. study of single mothers, The Times Record Feb. 25 story. She never mentions that the kids are not asked if they like being raised without a father. No one consults the kids. They have no say, when their mothers decide to raise them without fathers. The kids get gypped when mothers believe the family is better off without the father. They are never asked if they believe a one-parent family is just as good for them as a two-parent family. Kids get gypped by our no fault divorce law's world, and out of wedlock births.

Instead of talking about the importance of two parent families for kids, Christy Llearas, a U. of I. professor talks about the 'need for flextime' for working mothers. Or she talks about 'high-quality affordable day care' for working mothers. These things cannot take the place of a second parent, the father. So no matter how good the flextime or daycare, the kids still get gypped. The marriage of a man and a woman is not some afterthought of God. It is God's goodness for us to ensure that the kids do not get gypped in this life by parents.

Grace and Peace

Douglas W. Rettig