More opinons on sales tax

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor,

Rarely does an idea come before the voting public that will help every student in Rock Island County. But the one cent sales tax referendum that will be on the April ballot is one of them. 

When people visit Rock Island County and buy laundry soap, for example, an additional one cent sales tax will be tacked on and the money will go directly to local schools for infrastructure needs.

Every school district in Rock Island County, from the smallest to the largest, will receive new funds. There is a strict funding formula that allocates the money based on student population in each school district. Many high ticket and necessary items are exempt from the referendum and that makes the proposal even more appealing to me. Items that will not be taxed include cars, trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, medicine, groceries and farm equipment and parts.

Our area has been forgotten from state and federal lawmakers for far too long and our schools are in desperate need of repair and improvement. This one cent sales tax will generate $13 million dollars a year for schools which will use the new funds to acquire new science labs, computers, technology, gymnasiums, roofs and improvements that will make our schools more energy efficient.  Superintendents of the local school districts have a list of needs, prioritized by importance, which must be met to ensure high quality learning takes place. 

I, for one, want Rock Island County to be known as an area where we strive to produce highly-educated children who are ready to meet the challenges in the competitive global economy head on. Voting yes on the tax option proposal April 7 shows that I am ready for that.

Katie Thornborough

East Moline