Why the rush to build a pavilion in Central Park?

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Why the rush to build a pavilion in Central Park?

Are a very few speaking for the masses?

Will the design meet the approval of the public as well as the council, before the bid letting?

Is there time to allow for a bid letting that allows enough time for several contractors to bid freely on the project?

Does the City of Aledo really need a performance bond and a deadline on a park shelter? Would this increase a contractor's bid and cost more tax payer dollars?

Does it make sense to slow down and do this right the first time?

In my opinion, as a contractor and taxpayer in Aledo, this project is being rushed and pushed through to get the project done by Rhubarb Fest. That will be costly to the taxpayers, and possibly to the other taxing bodies, if the City can reduce the cost of this project. The project is funded by TIF.

Please let voices be heard, call your councilmen.

Dennis Patterson