Aledo-Westmer merge opinions

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor,

I have been following, with interest, the merging of the Aledo and Westmer schools. Our four children went through the Aledo system and we have three grandchildren still in it.

Much of what I’ve observed has saddened and frustrated me, but having served a couple of terms on the Unit 201 school board, I realize that we can’t know the whole picture unless we are actually involved on the board level.

When I read, however, the account of the Feb. 12 meeting I could no longer keep silent! Mr. Shoemaker was quoted as saying “We are not going to tolerate any more insubordination.” At the very least this was a very poor choice of words from an attorney. At worst, it indicates Mr. Shoemaker’s tragic misunderstanding of the role of the school board.

A school board is elected by and subordinate to the people of the community. Short of understanding and accepting this fact, the community, especially the children, can not be well served,

With sincere concern,

Rosemary Reid