A letter in support of library expansion

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Dear Editor,

Let's look at the proposed library addition and the tough economic times in a little different light. First of all, we'll never get it done more cheaply. Secondly, you've probably read that library usage goes up as the economy goes down. Our local Mercer Carnegie Library saw a 40 percent increase in circulation this December over December of last year. As I told my students, "A love of reading can sustain you no matter how rough life gets."

What if - Heaven forbid - this recession gets so bad that we can't afford to pay our cable and Internet bills? I know my monthly total for both is more than the yearly tax increase the library needs. I'm sure there are already people in this community who have had to cut back drastically on family entertainment. If this happened to us, where could we find free entertainment. If this happened to us, where could we find free entertainment (books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs and family programs) and access to the outside world via the Internet? Where could we find a warm comfortable place to meet with friends and pursue interests?

To ensure that everyone, young, old or handicapped, has accessibility to our library, we have to do something. It's our turn, after 94 years of accepting what a previous generation of humanitarians did for us, to take the responsibility for strengthening our community with a library building and facilities that will last for many more generations. Let's make sure this beautiful community continues to be the best place to start a family, raise that family and retire among friends.

Betty Paul