RMA buildings and health hazards are questioned

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

To Whom It May Concern:

As Chairperson of the Mercer County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners and a member since the mid 80s and former Aledo Resident, I don't wish to elaborate on Aledo politics. However, one can only hope for a more cooperative and concerned attitude in the future and also a larger concern for the residential neighborhoods. It appears that services to the residential areas have deteriorated over the last few years.

For the past several years, we have become more and more concerned as to the shape of the old RMA buildings what with roofs falling in and windows broken out among other things. It would seem that this is a fire, safety, and health hazard to our 60 residents and all the other residents in close proximity to these buildings.

It is not a goal of ours to get all of Aledo's funds as we realize there are bigger and better things for that. We have been commenting to the City of Aledo for several years about the condition of the Academy buildings!

Our job is the safety, heath, and welfare of our residents by giving them a great place to live and be a good neighbor to all surrounding residents.

We are open to working with the City of Aledo any way we possibly can to help provide a better environment! We do feel this has to be a concern of both the Housing Authority and the City.

We can't let the E-mail sent by the outgoing Mayor to our Ex. Director keep us from working together. It was in extremely bad judgment and taste. It's too bad all could not have seen this!!! No human being deserves this! Our Housing Director is doing a great job.

Harold Morrison

Chairperson/Mercer County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners