Rockets sweep Rocket Booster Invite

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Rockridge High School boys' and girls' cross country teams swept both ends of the Rocket Invite Oct. 8. The Rocket girls scored 31 points compared to Sherrard's 52. The teams also outdistanced AlWood/ROWVA, 58 and Orion, 87. The scores for the boys' teams were: Rockridge, 34; Kewanee, 58; AlWood/ROWVA, 64 and Sherrard, 70.

Sherrard Tiger Shelbie Pettie set a new meet record on the girls side finishing in 20:15. Three of the top five runners were Rockets though and they cruised to victory. 

Rockridge head coach Sue Miller said, “Did you know they took third place at the Elwood Invite on Monday night? Yeah, we're pooped! They are all getting faster. Again, this group is so coachable. The girls had six of the top 14 spots last night. I guess my army has turned into an army of runners who are hooked! That's what people call my team, "a small army."

Miller said, “Whatever we are, we are a team, and we care about doing a good job on the course. Getting two first place trophies and at home, too, is a great feeling for all of us. We are proud to be called Rockridge Cross Country. Our school is proud of us, and so is our community. Parents who don't even have kids on the team are telling us what a great program we have here at our school. I love to win as much as anybody, but the one thing I will never forget is that these runners are kids. They need love, discipline, and respect, and that's why they're on my team. It's about way more than running and trophies.”

Times of the Rocket girls were: Codee Pedersen, 21:39; Nikki Dixon, 22:36; Savanna Patting, 22:43; Mathilde Reggio, 23:33 and Peyton Pachucki, 23:53.

Times for the Sherrard girls were: Shelbie Pettie, 20:15; Arial Harland, 23:38; Elaine Hast, 23:43; Amanda Johnson, 23:55; Kiersten Wallarab, 24:02.


Allen Nelson of the Kewanee Boilermakers turned in the best time at 17:56 while AlWood/ROWVA's Kasey Potts placed second, 17:51.

Rocket Coach Sue Miller said, “I could not be any more pleased than I am with their (boys) performance. If you look at the results, you will see that my guys had seven of the top 15 places. Coby stepped up and took the lead in my top pack, and all I had to do is say, "Hey it's your turn to lead. Let those guys (Wes and Josh) draft you!" He is obviously faster than we thought. I think he might have even surprised himself! He will take this and learn from it, too. He'll get faster. I pushed some of the other younger classmen outside their comfort zones, again, simply by asking them to run outside their own comfort zones for the team. They shook their heads "Yes" and off they went-fast. They did their jobs. They are a great group of young men.”

Times for the Rocket boys were: Coby Merritts-Armey, 18:10; Wesley Taupin,, 18:18; Josh Bohnsack, 18:21; Troy Slaight, 18:42 and Trey Tingley, 19:15.

Times for the Tiger boys were: Nathan Baker, 17:56; Jacob Hutton, 19:28; Alex Felt, ,19:59; Brian Hauger, 20:01 and Derek Maynard, 21:45.