Sherrard wins Orion Tip Off Classic

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Photo by John E. Sedlock
The Sherrard Tigers win the 14Th annual Orion Thanksgiving Tip Off Classic. New coaching, new offense, new defense and a new attitude pays off for the Tigers paid off. The Tigers varsity team is pictured with the tip off trophy. From left to right are: Austin Hamerlinck, Colby Bjustrom, Ben Dahlstrom, John Sedlock, Logan Frye, Daulton Hainline, Spencer Brown, Coach Ryan Kelly, John McCormick and Mitch Heiar.

The Sherrard Tigers won the BankOrion Tip-Off Classic with a record of 4-0. Orion also finished with a 4-0 record but Sherrard won on the tiebreaker which was: defensive points allowed.

Members of the all-tournament team were: Spencer Brown, Sherrard; Josh Hutton and Cody Williams, Orion; Alex Coppejans, Annawan and Lukas Jepson, Erie.

NOV. 29

Sherrard defeated Pearl City 54-40. The Tigers jumped out to a 14-9 lead after the first quarter and led 30-20 at halftime. Brown led the Tigers in scoring with 14 points while Sedlock added 11.

Erie defeated Rockridge 53-47. Erie jumped out to an 18-11 advantage after the first quarter and led 30-20 at the half. Rockridge cut into the Erie lead in the third quarter but couldn't make up enough ground for the victory. Scoring for the Rockets were: Heath, 13; Matt Skorepa, 10; Hunter Frakes, McManus and Stevenson, eight.

Orion beat Annawan 48-45.The two teams fought pretty evenly through the first half. Orion held a 25-24 lead at the half. The Chargers took over in the third quarter outscoring Annawan 14-8 in the period to take a seven-point lead into the fourth quarter.

Coppejans and DeDecker had 11 points apiece for Annawan. Hutton led Orion with 17 points.

Fulton defeated Knoxville in overtime 66-63. Knoxville outscored Fulton 26-12 in the fourth period to throw the game into overtime. Fulton outscored the Blue Bullets 9-6 in the overtime period for the victory.

NOV. 28

Sherrard defeated Erie 36-28. The Tigers defense held Erie to three points in the second quarter as Sherrard built a 17-12 lead by halftime. Frye scored 10 points in the Tigers victory.

Orion defeated Pearl City 64-45 for the victory. Orion led 17-7 after the first quarter and outscored Pearl City 16-5 in the third quarter. Williams scored 21 for the Chargers.

Annawan beat Knoxville 80-41 for the victory. After compiling a 38-19 lead at the half Annawan scored 32 points in the third quarter to put the game away. DeDecker scored 25 for the Braves.

NOV. 26

Orion defeated Fulton 61-48. Orion led 23-20 at halftime but outscored Fulton 21-10 in the third period to pull away for the victory.

Pearl City topped Knoxville 67-54. Pearl City pulled away from the Blue Bullets in the third quarter outscoring them 15-9 to take a 48-37 lead into the final period.

NOV. 25

Sherrard beat Annawan 48-38. The Tigers outscored Annawan 21-15 in the first half and pulled away in the fourth quarter. Sherrard's Brown led all scorers with 18 points.

Pearl City beat Rockridge 58-34. Pearl City built a 39-19 lead by the half and cruised to the victory. Skorepa had 16 points to lead the Rockets.

Erie defeated Knoxville 59-37. Erie built a 31-18 lead by the half and outscored the Blue Bullets 28-19 in the second half.

NOV. 24

Sherrard beat Fulton 52-32. Sherrard led 19-18 at the half but the Tigers outscored Fulton 18-8 in the third quarter and 15-6 in the fourth period to post the victory. Brown led the Tigers with 12 points while Hainline added 11.

Annawan beat Rockridge 55-42. Annawan jumped out to a 21-6 lead in the first period and never looked back. Coppejans scored 25 for Annawan. Health led the Rockets in scoring with 16, while McManus added 10.

Fulton beat the Rockets, 58-49. Fulton took control in the third quarter outscoring the Rockets 20-14 to pull away for the win.

Orion beat Erie 68-44. Williams led all scorers with 22. Orion outscored Erie 40-17 in the first half to secure the victory.

Junior Varsity

The Sherrard junior varsity defeated Knoxville 49-40 on Nov. 29. Sherrard outscored Knoxville 18-14 in the first quarter and outscored the Blue Bullets every quarter in route to the victory. Anderson led the Tigers in scoring with 16.

Fulton's junior varsity beat Sherrard 54-49 on Nov. 24. Sherrard held a 23-20 lead at halftime but were outscored 17-11 in the third period and couldn't catch up.

Annawan's junior varsity beat Sherrard 43-18 on Nov. 28. Annawal led Sherrard 14-4 at the end of the first quarter and 25-1 by halftime.

The Rockridge junior varsity lost to Annwan 40-32 on Nov. 29. The score was tied 27-27 heading into the fourth quarter but Annawan outscored the Rockets 13-5 in the final period for the victory. Frakes led Rockridge with nine points.

The Rockridge junior varsity beat Knoxville 41-27 on Nov. 28. The Rockets outscored Knoxville 13-2 in the first period and 11-3 in the final period. Frakes led all scorers with 11 for the Rockets.

The Monmouth-Roseville junior varsity team beat Fulton 57-60 on Nov. 29. The Titans jumped out to a 20-14 lead in the first quarter and held on for the win. Chick scored 26 points for the Titans.

The Orion junior varsity defeated Erie 55-30 on Nov. 29. The Chargers outscored Erie each quarter.

The Orion junior varsity defeated Fulton 47-37 on Nov. 28. The Chargers led 12-6 after the first quarter and held on for the win.

Orion's junior varsity beat Annawan 53-26 on Nov. 24. The Chargers outscored the braves 21-6 in the first period and 20-8 in the third period for the win.

The Erie junior varsity beat Monmouth 58-51 Nov 28. Erie outscored the Titans 21-14 in the third quarter for the victory.

The Erie junior varsity beat Knoxville 67-41 on Nov. 25. Twelve players from the Erie team scored.

The Monmouth-Roseville junior varsity beat Rockridge 52-27. The Titans outscored the Rockets 35-13 in the first half and cruised on to victory.