Local teams compete in Olympic Conference Indoor meet

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Aledo Times Record
Rocket Chelsey Widdop wins the high jump at the Olympic Conference Invitational March 17.

Several local teams competed in the Olympic Conference Indoor meet held March 17 at Monmouth College including many not from the Olympic Conference.

No scores were kept for the meet.


Rockridge Rocket Lexi Frakes turned in the fastest time in the 55-meter dash, 7.66. Green Dragons Rachel Herrman and Logan Partlow placed third and fifth respectifely with times of 7.80 and 7.81. Sherrard's Rachel Murray placed seventh with a time of 7.83.

Sherrard Tigers Sarah Boraas and Lacey Hainline finished 1-2 in the 200-meter dash with times of 27.15 and 27.98 respectively. Green Dragon Logan Partlow placed fifth with a time of 29.32 while teammate Heather Harfst placed 10th, 30.91. Rocket Morgan Runge placed ninth, 30.52.

Lacey Hainline also won the 400-meter dash with a time of 1:02.19. Emily Watkins of Rockridge placed fourth, 1:03.57. Green Dragon Logan Partlow placed seventh, 1:06.95.

Macomb's Lauren Weston won the 800-meter run with a time of 2:33.26. Sherrard's Abbey Warner placed fourth, 2:42.96.

Sherrard's Shelbie Pettie won the 1600-meter run with at time of 5:52.87. Rockets Tia Fuhr and Heidi Schickel placed eighth and ninth, 6:20.39 and 6:23.68.

Natalie Northup of Carthage won the 3200-meter run with a time of 12:50.22. Green Dragon Miranda Biddle placed fourth, 14:14.57. Sherrard's Kierston Wallarab placed seventh, 14:57.10.

Rocket Chelsey Widdop won the 55-meter hurdles, 8.13. Tiger Sarah Boraas placed third, 9.02. Aledo's Teague Holmes placed eighth, 11.10.

Carthage's 4 x 200-meter relay team placed first with a time of 1:50.81. Rockridge (Lexi Frakes, Chelsea McManus, Haley Kitchell and Emilie Minteer)placed second, 1:57.07 and Sherrard (Rachel Murray, Jaclyn Scavuzzo, Allie Munday and Madison Kissner), third, 1:57.24. Aledo (Teague Holmes, Britteny Kenney, Maggie MacDonald and Rachel Herrman) placed seventh, 2:04.76.

Carhage won the 4 x 400-meter relay with a time of 4:21.80. Rockridge placed second, 4:25.18 and Sherrard (Katie Kirwan, Rachel Murray, Jaclyn Scavuzzo and Madison Kissner), fourth, 4:27.26.

Knoxville's 4 x 800-meter relay team placed first, 10:30.06. Sherrard (Katie Kirwan, Shelbie Pettie, Arial Harland and Danielle Bowden), Rockridge (Codee Pedersen, Darcee Parchert, Tia Fuhr and Heidi Schickel) and Aledo (Heather Harfst, Jordan Peterson, Kaneta Keller and Logan Partlow) placed third, fourth and fifth in the relay with times of 10:46.15; 10:57.54 and 11:34.76.

Chelsey Widdop won the high jump with a leap of 5-00. Sherrard's Kelsey Thompson and Taylor Mitchell placed third and fourth with leaps of 4-8.

Rocket Haley Kitchell won the pole vault, 8-06 while Sherrard's Jaclyn Scavuzzo and Rocrkidge's Allie Munday placed second, 7-00.

Makinsey of Knoxville won the long jump, 16-02. Green Drgon Bailey Krstic placed fourth, 14-08. Sherrard's Madison Kissner and Allie Peterson palced sixth and eighth respectively, 14-04 and 13-10.

Sherrard's Kelsey Friichenicht and Katie Kirwan placed 1-2 in the triple jump with leaps of 30-09 and 30-01. Rockridge's Emilie Minteer and Darcee Parchert placed third and fourth, 29-06 and 29-05.

Sherrard's Samantha Crumley won the shot put, 35-01.00. Green Dragons Kayla Hyett and Dylane Riddell placed fourth and sixth respectively, 30-05.50 and 28-04.00.


Aledo's John Berthel and Matt Dawson placed 1-2 in the 55-meter dash, 6.46 and 6.62. Sherrard's Russell Murray placed third, 6.66.

Carthage's Kayden Guymon won the 200-meter dash, 24.45. Sherrard's Nate Breiby placed third, 24.89.

Carthage's Dustin Carlisle won the 400-meter dash, 54.61. Sherrard's Will Sindelar placed 10th at 1:00.72.

Sherrard's Danny Pettie won the 800-meter run with a time of 2:15.04. Green Dragon Mason Bush placed fourth, 2:25.99. Sherrard's Schylar Wardow placed seventh, 2:32.16.

Monmouth-Roseville's Chase Marlow won the 1600-meter run with a time of 4:44.22. Sherrard's Nathan Baker placed fifth, 5:11.67 while Sam Whan placed sixth, 5:14.74. Rockridge runners Wes Taupin and Connor Frakes placed seventh and eighth, 5:19.22 and 5:23.74.

Monmouth-Roseville's Gatlin Marlow won the 3200-meter run wth a time of 10:36.26. Rocket Scott Palmer placed eighth, 12:40.61.

Green Dragon Kyle Tompkins and Rocket Lucas Gosney tied for first in the 55- meter hurdles, 7.67. Green Dragon Shea Bieri placed fourth, 8.05. Tiger Alex Lavens placed sixth, 8.76.

Aledo's 4 x 200 meter relay team (Matt Dawson, Colton Welch, John Berthel and Brandon Bolton) won first place, 1:38.62. Sherrard (Nate Breiby, Brian Hauger, Nate Inman and Russell Murray) placed third, 1:41.56.

Carthage's 4 x 400-meter relay team placed first, 3:39.86. Aledo (Brandon Bolton, Colton Welch, Mason Bush and Tanner Benson) placed second, 3:45.42.

Carthage's 4 x 800-meter relay team placed first, 9:06.92. Rockridge (Wes Taupin, Connor Frakes, Hunter Frakes and Scott Palmer) placed fourth, 9:14.44 and Aledo (Logan Tompkins, Sam Whan, Bryan Goman and Ian MacDonald), sixth, 9:19.41.

Cody Schreck of Monmouth-Roseville and Ben Dahlstrom of Sherrard each jumped 6-02 which was high enough for first place. Rocket Alex Johnson placed third, 5-10 and Green Dragons C.J. DeSpain and Tyler Shull tied with Sherrard's Daniel DeClerck for seventh, 5-02.

Farmington's Mark McMahill and Charlie Balagna tied for first in the pole vault at 12-00. Sherrard's Russell and Nate Inman tied for third, 9-00.

Green Dragon Kyle Tompkins and Brandon Bolton finished 1-2 in the long jump, 21-08 and 20-09.

Sherrard's Alex Lavens won the triple jump, 42-05. Aledo's John Berthel placed sixth, 34-11.

Rockridge's Matt Skorepa won the shot put, 45-08. Sherrard's John McCormick placed second, 43-02.50. Aledo's Devon Bysinger placed third, 41-08 while teammate Josh Schau placed fifth, 41-02.50. Sherrard teammate's Jared Greer and Nate Steele placed sixth and seventh, 41-00 and 39-11.