Rockridge girls place fifth at Assumption Invitational

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Aledo and Rockridge boys' and girls' track teams competed at the Assumption Co-ed Invitational April 11 at Brady Street Stadium in the Quad Cities.

The Aledo boys' team placed second while the girls' team finished in 10th place. The Rockridge girls placed fifth. Rochelle won both the girls' and boys' events.

No results were given for the boys meet.

Team scoring for the girls was: Rochelle, 102.5; Regina, 81; Prince of Peace Prep, 78; Camanche, 71; Rockridge, 53.5; Davenport Assumption, 53; Preston, 48; Davenport North, 46; Orion, 25 and Aledo-Westmer, 13.

Team scoring for the boys was: Rochelle, 106; Aledo-Westmer, 99; Regina, 93; Camanche, 74; Northeast, 52; Davenport North, 41; Davenport Assumption, 22; Prince of Peace Prep, 19; Preston, 15 and Orion, 5.

Rocket Chelsey Widdop placed second in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 1:11.22. Sina Stepken won the event with a time of 1:07.90.

Camanche won the women's 4 x 100-meter relay with a time of 51.86. The Rocket team (Kylie Tolson, Bre Lawles, Olivia Hartwick and Morgan Runge) placed fifth with a time of 56.39 while Aledo placed sixth, 56.83.

Davenport Assumption won the 4 x 200-meter relay with a time of 1:49.30. Rockridge (Chelsea McManus, Emilie Minteer, Hillary Johnson and Haley Kitchell) placed third with a time of 1:56.50.

Camanche's 4 x 400-meter relay team won first place with a time of 4:21.68. Rockridge (Hillary Johnson, Codee Peterson, Emily Watkins and Chelsea Widdop) placed third, 4:25.50.

Preston won the women's 4 x 800-meter relay with a time of 10:05.83. Rockridge (Tia Fuhr, Darcee Parchert, Codee Pedersen and Heidi Schickel) placed fifth with a time of 11:13.65.

In the women's sprint relay Davenport North won first place with a time of 1;58.01. Rockridge (Haley Kitchell, Hillary Johnson, Emily Watkins and Emilie Minteer) placed fifth with a time of 1:07.24.

In the women's distance medley Regina paced first with a time of 4:43.13 while Rockridge (Bre Lawless, Morgan Runge, Danielle Nenneman and Darcee Parchert) placed fourth, 4:455.50.

Rochelle won the 4 x 100-meter shuttle hurdle with a time of 1:15.84. Rockridge (Vanessa Harlen, Ashley Nessler, Olivia Hartwick and Maria Petersen) placed third with a time of 1:29.63.

Tiffany Bormann won the high jump with a leap of 5'5". Rockridge's Chelsey Widdop placed second with a jump of 4'10" while teammate Daisey Bower placed fifth, 4'8".

Jennifer Jenkins won the long jump with a jump of 17'03". Rocket Hillary Johnson placed seventh with a jump of 14'6". Rocket teammate Emilie Minteer placed ninth, 14'4". Maggie MacDonald of Aledo-Westmer placed 10th with a jump of 13".

Kristen Gaffey of Regina won the shot put with a throw of 36" 6'. Bre Lawless of Rockridge placed fifth with a throw of 28'9.75'. Dylane Riddell of Aledo placed fifth with a throw of 28'9.75'.

Sarah Powell of Camanche won the discus with a throw of 121" 9.50'. Aledo-Westmer's Dylane Riddell placed fourth with a throw of 88"11.50'. Aledo-Westmer's Kayla Hyett placed fifth with a throw of 84"04'. Rockridge's Brittanae DeKeyrel placed eighth with a throw of 77"08'. Hannah Oak placed 10th with a throw of 75"03.25".