Sherrard wins Monmouth Sectional

Staff reports

The Sherrard Tigers cruised through the Monmouth-Roseville Class A Girls Sectional track meet May 15 at Sunnylane Field.

The Tigers scored 111.3 points easily beating the runner up Elmwood (66).

The Tigers will send several team members to state. Lacey Hainline won the 100 meter dash. Sarah Boraas qualifed in the 100 meter hurdles as well as the 300 meter hurdles and the 200 yard dash.

Boraas, Hainline and Rachel Murray and Madison Kissner all qualified in the 4x100 meter relay.

Sherrard and Rockridge were among the five teams that qualifed for state in the 4 x 800 meter relay by placing fourth and fifth respectively. Katie Kirwan, Danielle Bowden, Abbey Warner and Shelbie Pettie will be attending as part of the Sherrard team while Chelsea McManus, Lexi Frakes, Tia Fuhr and Darcee Parchert were part of the Rockridge team. 

Sherrard and Rockridge were also among the five 4 x 400 meter relay teams to qualify for the state meet by placing second and fourth respectively. Kirwan, Kissner, Pettie and Hainline are all part of the Sherrard team.

Frakes, McManus, Chelsey Widdop and Emily Watkins make up the Rockridge team.

Chelsey Widdop also qualified for state in the 100 meter hurdles, 300 meter hurdles and the high jump.

Allie Munday of Sherrard and Haley Kitchell each qualified for state in pole vault.

Aledo's Logan Partlow qualifed for state by finishing second in the 200 meter dash.

Scores for the remaining teams were: Port Byron, 61.3; Erie and Rockridge, 45; Canton and Monmouth-Roseville, 40; Knoxville, 32; West Central, 24; Farmington, 21; Orion, 19; Fulton, 17; Aledo, 13; United, 11; Cambridge, 8; ROWVA, 3.3 and Galva, 1.

Q signifies the individual or team qualified for state:

100 meter dash: Lacey Hainline, Sherrard, 12.63Q; Kelsey Twomey, Monmouth-Roseville, 13.06Q; Halle Hunter, Farmington, 13.32; Rachel Murray, Sherrard, 13.52; Emilie Minteer, Taylor Ridge, 13.53; Carissa Youngquist, United, 13.60; Rachel Herrman, Aledo, 13.80; Logan Partlow, Aledo, 13.93.

800 meter run: Ashley Anderson, Orion, 2:26.65Q; Tia Wunder, Knoxville, 2:26.77Q; Lydia Smith, Canton, 2:29.78; Jessica Nail, Cambridge, 2:34.19; Rosie Nelson, Elmwood, 2:40.58; Abbey Warner, Sherrard, 2:42.33; Megan Byrne, Monmouth-Roseville, 2:42. 40; Sarah Maher, Elmwood, 2:44.07.

3200 meter run: Tessa Copple, Elmwood, 12:02.07.66Q; Megan Miller, Orion, 12:59.76Q; Heidi Schickel, Taylor Ridge, 13:01.43; Mary Brokaw, Biggsville, 13:11.09; Miranda Biddle, Aledo, 13:14.18; Codee Pedersen, Rockridge, 13:14.60 and Emma McGuire, Monmouth-Roseville, 13:16.36.

100 meter hurdles: Alexa Alley, Port Byron, 15.35Q; Sarah Boraas, Sherrard, 15.63Q; Chelsey Widdop, Rockridge, 16.10Q; Allison DeWeerdt, Fulton, 16.27Q; Amelia Schultz, Elmwood, 17:30; Brittany Scott, Orion, 17.72; Allison Smith, Port Byron, 17.87 and Jenna fisher, Knoxville, 18.05.

100 meter relay: Sherrard (Rachel Murray, Lacey Hainline, Madison Kissner, Sarah Boraas), 50.84Q; Port Byron, 51.20Q; Erie, 54.19; United (Victoria Fredrickson, Carissa Youngquist, Mollie Murdock and Blake Callihan), 54.76; Knoxville, 54.92; Rockridge (Daisy Bower, Morgan Runge, Haley Kitchell and Emilie Minteer), 55.45; Aledo (Logan Partlow, Teague Holmes, Rachel Herrman and Maggie MacDonald), 55.84 and Monmouth-Roseville, 56.84.

4 x 200 meter relay: Port Byron, 1:49.01Q; Monmouth-Roseville, 1:52.04Q; Erie, 1:52.39; Sherrard (Rachel Murray, Shelbie Pettie, Katie Kirwan and  Madison Kissner), 1:52.48; United (Victoria Fredrickson, Carissa Youngquist, Jessica Price and Blake Callihan), 1:53.14; Rockridge (Daisy Bower, Emily Watkins, Emilie Minteer, Haley Kitchell), 1:54.75; Elmwood, 1:55.05 and Farmington, 1:56.91.

4 x 800 meter relay: Elmwood, 10:01.06Q; Canton, 10:03.17Q; Monmouth-Roseville, 10:14.73Q; Sherrard (Katie Kirwan, Danielle Bowden, Abbey Warner and Shelbie Pettie), 10:17.96Q; Rockridge (Chelsea McManus, Lexi Frakes, Tia Fuhr and Darcee Parchert), 10:20.73Q; Knoxville, 10:37.35; Erie, 10:47.36 and United (Krysten Karns, Jaclyn Barnhouse, Jessica Price and Gretchen Schrock), 11:35.26.

High jump: Miriam Rutzen, West Central, 5-03Q; Chelsey Widdop, Rockridge, 5-01Q; Emily Tysma, Port Byron, 5-01Q; Victoria Nyman, ROWVA, 4-11; Kelsey Thompson, Sherrard, 4-11; Mallory Gibson, Port Byron, 4-11; Michelle Williams, Cambridge, 4-11 and Abbey Warner, Sherrard, 4-09; Gretchen Schrock, 4-09; Mollie Murdock, United, 4-09 and Daisy Bower, Rockridge, 4-09.

Long jump: Mackinsey, Knoxville, 18-00Q; Kelsey Twomey, Monmouth-Roseville, 17-03Q; Madison Creen, Port Byron, 16-11Q; Madison Kisner, Sherrard, 15-07; Kelsie Friichtenicht, Sherrard, 14-11; Lauren Ickes, Port Byron, 14-09.50; Ashley Anderson, Orion, 14-07.50; Stacy Stewart, Erie, 14-07.00.

Discus: Amy Bevins, Elmwood, 111-01Q; Katelynn, Erie, 110-05Q; Maddie Watson, Elmwood, 107-09Q; Danyelle English, 105-02; Elaina Raab, Fulton, 100-09; Claire Johnston, ROWVA, Victoria May, Port Byron, 92-09; Brittanae DeKeyrel, Rockridge, 88-09.

200 meter dash: Sarah Boraas, Sherrard, 26.97; Logan Partlow, Aledo, 27.69; Paige Mottaz, Farmington, 28.10; United, Blake Callihan, United, 28.70; Rachel Murray, Sherrard, 28.87; Haley Kitchell, Rockridge, 28.97 and Brooke Nelson, Elmwood, 29.02.

400 meter dash: Lacey Hainline, Sherrard, 1:00.13; Miriam Rutzen, West Central, 1:01.30; Sara Pille, Farmington, 1:03.38; Logan Partlow, Aledo, 1:04.80; Marissa Yontz, Canton, 1:05.23; Macey Droege, Galva, 1:05.25; Allie Munday, Sherrard, 1:07.32 and Melissa Cox, United, 1:07.32.

1600 meter run: Jacki McKown, Elmwood, 5:33.04; Lydia Smith, Canton, 5:38.85; Katelyn Isbell, Elmwood, 5:40.55; Ciara Marlow, Monmouth-Roseville, 5:43.44; Jordon Mitzelfelt, Farmington, 5:47.99; Ashley Anderson, Orion, 5:52.28; Shelbie Pettie, Sherrard, 5:57.30 and Jessica Nail, Cambridge, 6:08.86.

300 meter hurdles: Sarah Boraas, Sherrard, 49.15; Chelsey Widdop, Rockridge, 49.77; Ashleigh, Canton, 50.22; Jaclyn Scavuzzo, Sherrard, 51.78; Allison DeWeerdt, Fulton, 52.17; Caly Dessing, Erie, 52.27; Amelia Schultz, Elmwood, 52.38; Anna Yontz, Canton, 52.81.

4 x 400 meter relay: Port Byron, 4:10.88; Sherrard Katie Kirwan, Madison Kissner, Shelbie Pettie and Lacey Hainline), 4:12.28; Monmouth-Roseville, 4:14.44; Rockridge (Chelsey Widdop, Lezi Frakes, Chelsea McManus, Emily Watkins), 4:15.27; Erie, 4:15.52; Knoxville, 4:21.71; United (Carissa Younguist, Mollie Murdock, Jessica Price and Gretchen Schrock), 4:23.93; Elmwood, 4:24.93.

Pole Vault: Katelyn Erie, 9-07; Allie Munday, Sherrard, 8-09; Haley Kitchell, Rockridge, 8-09; Jaclyn Scavuzzo, Sherrard, 8-03; Kelsey LaBar, Erie, 7-09; Tacey Chatten, Farmington, 7-03; Mathilde, Rockridge, 7-03; Erin Von Kannon, Monmouth-Roseville, 6-09.

Triple Jump: Mackinsey, Knoxville, 36-02.00; Mallory Bigson, Port Byron, 34-06.75; Ashleigh Nagle, Canton, 33-08.50; Miriam Rutzen, West Central, 33-05.00; Emilie Minteer, Rockridge, 32-09.00; Brittany Scott, Orion, 32-08.00; Kelsie Friichtenicht, Sherrard, 32-07.75; Katie Kirwan, Sherrard, 31-06.00.

Shot put: Ashley Voeltz, 35-02.50; Elaina Raab, Fulton, 33-08; Samantha Crumley, Sherrard, 33-03; Brittany Martin, Canton, 32.09.50; Maddie Watson, Elmwood, 32-00; Kelly Holland, Fulton, 31-09; Telli Lambasio, Knoxville, 30-10.50; Kayla Hyett, Aledo, 30-04.