Raising money for golden eagle statue

Robert Blackford/Editor

Aledo businessman Jim Riddell is leading the charge to purchase a bronze statue of a pair of Golden Eagles for the newly consolidated school district.

Riddell found the statue while attending an auction in Daytona, Florida. The statue features a pair of Golden Eagles coming together with the wings touching. He felt it would serve as a reminder that two schools came together to form the new district. The statue is bronze and the head and feet of the Eagles are golden in color.

Riddell said the statue is approximately 13 feet across and probably weighs between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds.

Riddell said he has spoken to the superintendent about the statue and it would set in the circle drive at the high school.

Riddell said he has been told the statue was originally purchased by a physician in Florida who had the piece on his balcony in a fountain. It proved too heavy for the balcony.

Riddell said the purchase price of the piece is $6,500 but he feels it will cost an additional $1,500 to transport and install it. "Any money left over would go to the school district," said Riddell.

Checks should be made out to the Golden Eagle fund and can be sent to Riddell Roofing, 205 SW 9th Ave., Aledo, 61231.