Sherrard tops Rockridge in straight games

Staff reports

The Sherrard Tigers volleyball team improved its record to 14-4 overall with a victory over the Rockridge Rockets Sept. 23. The Tigers are 2-3 in the Olympic Conference. The varsity won in straight games over the Rockets 25-21 and 25-13. The Rockets fell to 2-12 overall with the loss and they are 1-4 in the Olympic Conference.

Lacey Hainline had 10 kills to lead the Tigers and Sam Kammerman added eight more. Madison Kissner had 13 assists and Hainline had eight. Hainlilne and Sara Boraas had eight digs apiece. Kayla Tatge led the Tigers with three blocks. Boraas had three aces and Kammerman had two more.

Erika Price had five kills to lead the Rockets and Gilliam Goodwin and Dalinda Widdop added two more. Rice and Emily Woods had one ace apiece. Price had three blocks while Widdop added two more. Jen Krueger had six assists and Emily Woods added four more. Hailey Deem led the Rockets in digs with six and Jen Krueger added three more.

The junior varsity Tigers defeated Rockridge 22-25, 25-21 and 25-18. The Tigers improved to 13-0 with the victory and are now 5-0 in the Olympic Conference.

Breanna Hammerlinck had 11 kills to lead the Tigers and Allie Matt had nine more. Karlee Rumler had 30 assists. Matt had 11 digs while Rumler and Megan Kissner had six apiece. Hamerlinck had one block. Rumler had four aces and Matt added three more.

Caitlin McVay had 16 kills to lead the Rockets and Miranda Potter added seven more. Emily Watkins led the squad with four blocks. Allyson Martens had 10 assists while Genna Flaherty had nine more. Taylor Cullen had nine digs while Caitlin McVay had eight. Genna Flaherty had four aces.