Junior High Golden Eagles win wrestling tourney

Staff reports

The Mercer County Junior High wrestling team won the 2010 Rockridge Junior High wrestling tournament Feb. 13.

The Golden Eagles won five firsts, two seconds and five thirds.

Scoring for the tournament was: Mercer County, 200; Rockridge, 164; Riverdale, 128; Knoxville, 123; Erie, 114 and Monmouth-Roseville, 82.

At 70 pounds Alex Moyer of Riverdale beat Nathan Ault of Monmouth-Roseville 9-5 for the championship. Trae Blaser of Mercer County won a major decision over Noah Youngberg of Rockridge for third place.

At 75 pounds Trey Marquith of Knoxville placed first while Josh Cantrell of Rockridge placed second and Trenton Murphy of Mercer County placed third.

At 80 pounds Grady Todd of Riverdale won a major decision, 13-5 over Hunter Littrel of Erie in the championship match. Trenton Barker of Knoxville UC pinned Lucas Kasser of Knoxville in 2:11 in the third place match.

At 85 pounds Brady Ruden of Rockridge pinned Jake Weigand of Knoxville in 27 seconds in the championship match. Brandon Rosenow of Erie pinned Josh Bowling of ErieUC in 2:20 in the third place match.

At 90 pounds Josh Wheeler of Erie placed first while Brandon Mason of Knoxville placed second and Ryan Brown of KnoxvilleUC placed third.

At 95 pounds Cole Ebenroth of Riverdale pinned Cody Welsh of Knoxville in 1:29 for the championship. Tomas Malone of Mercer County pinned Austin Freitag of Erie in 3:46 in the third place match.

At 100 pounds Curtis Vanwinkle of Mercer County defeated Braydon Pridemore of Riverdale 6-0 in the championship match. Clayton Evans of Erie pinned Colton Gibbs of Knoxville in 1:22 for third place.

At 112 pounds Ben Fippinger of Mercer County pinned Joe Tanner of RiverdaleUC in 25 seconds in the championship match. Matt Sedam, Mercer CountyUC downed Brandon Johnson in an 11-10 decision for third place.

At 119 pounds Tristen Finch of Mercer County pinned Cole Neneman of Rockridge in 1:11 in the championship match. Dylan Binion of Erie beat Brandon Melton of Knoxville 8-2 in the third place match.

At 126 pounds Jayson Moody of Rockridge pinned Kaleb Carlson of Monmouth Roseville in 13 seconds in the championship match. Hank Conner of Mercer County won a major decision, 12-1 over Tyler Ziegenhorn of Mercer CountyUC in the third place match.

At 135 pounds Zack Kruger of Rockridge pinned Chris Neeld of Mercer County in 14 seconds in the championship match. John Reed of Knoxville pinned Leann Ballard of Erie in 3:25 in the third place match.

At 145 pounds Dalton Ray of Rockridge defeated Matthew Weeks of Mercer County, 7-2 in the championship match. Colton Klockenga of Erie won a major decision, 23-9 over Matt Otten of ErieUC

At 155 pounds Brandon Mizlo of Riverdale pinned Luke Johnson of Knoxville in 1:08 in the championship match. Treyten Hileman of Mercer County pinned Dillon Gerlscher of Rockridge in 43 seconds in the third place match.

At 167 pounds Bobby Lincoln of Mercer County pinned Mason Weeks of Mercer CountyUC in 1:28 in the championship match. Ryan Renteria of Rockridge pinned Fredy Espinoza of Monmouth Roseville in 1:41 in the third place match.

At 185 pounds Nathan Rocker of Riverdale pinned Logan Millizer of Monmouth-Roseville in two seconds in the championship match. Spencer Griffin of Rockridge won a 5-1 decision over James Purtle of Monmouth-RosevilleUC in the third place match.

At 215 pounds Alex Kisner of Mercer County placed first while Devn Hager of Monmouth-Roseville placed second and Lucas Crawford of Rockridge placed third.

At 275 pounds Caleb Warren of Knoxville placed first while Christian Carder of Erie placed second and Chris Brentise of Monmouth-Roseville placed third.