Guss nabs Deery series cash at Davenport

Mike McGuire

Ray Guss Jr., of Milan, Ill., took home the hardware for the Deery Brothers Summer Series race at the Davenport Speedway Friday night. The IMCA dirt late model ace started sixth in the 40-lap feature, but moved up to second by lap six. He then set his sight on race leader and series points leader Mark Burgtorf.

Before Guss could overtake the leader, Jason Rauen would make a run at second. During a rash of cautions between laps 18 and 22, Rauen broke something in the front end and was forced to the pits. On lap 24, Guss would get past Burgtorf and take the lead. A lap later, Burgtorf’s ride came to a halt, ending his race.

Guss would lead the remaining laps for the win. Andy Eckrich, who qualified through the B-main would finish strong to take second. Jeff Aikey came home third. Tom Darbyshire was fourth and Justin Reed fifth.

The Deery win was Guss’ second at Davenport. His first came in 1999. Fifty-seven late models took part in the event that was sponsored by O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Milo Veloz Jr., couldn’t have asked for better luck in the Pro Mod main, as he took home the victory. Veloz was trying to hang on to a top five finish until the yellow flags started to fly with three laps to go. Thad Wilson had led from the drop of the green, but had to pull his car into the pits. On an ensuing restart, new race leaders Matt Stein and John Bull had trouble in turn one and were sent to the rear.

That put Veloz up front and he did not waste the opportunity. Veloz drove to the win with Ray Cox Jr. second. Bull recovered nicely and stormed his way to a third place finish. Bob Dominacki and Tim Current completed the top five.

Matt Werner topped a small field of street stocks Friday. Werner started on the front row and never looked back.  Joe Beal recovered from an early caution to finish second. Jeremy Marquette finished third, Rob Nylin fourth, and Bryan Ritter fifth.

Jacob Waterman blistered the field in the IMCA Modified portion of the show. Waterman started fifth, but quickly drove to the front of a race that was shortened due to cautions. Matt Wilson managed to avoid most of the accidents and finished second. Tony VonDresky, Terry Rentfro, and Max Corporon completed the top five.

Ricky Kay went from zero to hero in the 4 Stock main. Kay started dead last in the 4 Stock feature, but by lap five was already in the lead. Scott Powell started on the pole and lead the first four laps of the race, before Kay drove by on the inside. Mike Morrow rounded  out the top three.

April 16, 2010

Results -

IMCA Late Model

Heat 1: 1. Jon Merfeld; 2. Nate Buesling; 3. Andy Eckrich; 4. Mike Zemo Jr; 5. Travis Smock;

Heat 2: 1. Mike Murphy Jr.; 2. Matt Strasshiem; 3. Jason Frankel; 4. Gary Russell; 5. Robby Warner;

Heat 3: 1. Terry Neal; 2. Mark Burgtorf; 3. Jeremiah Hurst; 4. Colby Springsteen; 5. Luke Goedert;

Heat 4: 1. Kevin Blum; 2. Jeff Aikey; 3. Tom Darbyshire; 4. Stephan Kammerer; 5. Charlie McKenna;

Heat 5: 1. Ray Guss Jr; 2. Bret Diercks; 3. Boone McLaughlin; 4. Dan Shelliam; 5. Shawn Mulvany;

Heat 6: 1. Darrell DeFrance; 2. Jason Rauen; 3. Mike Garland; 4. Clint Wendell; 5. Tom Goble;

Semi: 1. Andy Eckrich; 2. Jason Frankel; 3. Gary Russell; 4. Justin Kay; 5. Robby Warner;

Semi: 2: 1.Tom Darbyshire; 2. Jeremiah Hurst; 3. Justin Reed; 4. Charlie McKenna; 5. Josh Most;

Semi:3: 1. Tom Goble; 2. Mike Garland; 3. Boone McLaughlin; 4. Clint Wendell; 5. TJ Criss;

Feature: 1. Ray Guss Jr; 2. Andy Eckrich; 3. Jeff Aikey; 4. Tom Darbyshire; 5. Justin Reed; 6. Darrel DeFrance; 7. Mike Murphy Jr; 8. Matt Strasshiem; 9. Gary Russell; 10. Tom Goble; 11. Bret Diercks; 12. Boone McLaughlin; 13. Jeremiah Hurst; 14. Todd Malmstrom; 15. Kevin Blum; 16. Josh Most;  17. Mark Brugtorf; 18.Jason Rauen ; 19. Rob Toland; 20. Jason Frankel; 21. Terry Neal’ Jon Merfeld;

Pro Mod

Heat 1: 1. Doug Crampton; 2. Thad Wilson; 3. John Bull; 4. Milo Veloz Jr; 5. Matt Stein;

Heat 2: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Craig Crawford; 3. Ray Cox Jr; 4. Jake Bowman; 5. Tim Arp;

 Feature: 1. Milo Veloz Jr; 2. Ray Cox Jr; 3. John Bull; 4. Bob Dominacki; 5. Tim Current; 6. Adam Oppendike; 7. Jake Bowman; 8. Chad Patch; 9. Craig Crawford; 10. Casey Voss; 11. Thad Wilson; 12. Matt Stein; 13. Chuck Hanna; 14. David Imming; 15. Joe Ross; 16. Tim Arp; 17. Rick Ratliff; 18. /Doug Crampton;

Street Stock

Heat 1: 1. Matt Werner; 2. Jeremy Marquette; 3. Bruce Fosdyck Jr; 4. Ron Marks; 5. DJ Fuller;

Feature: 1. Matt Werner; 2. Joe Beal; 3. Jeremy Marquette; 4. Rob  Nylin; 5. Bryan Ritter; 6. Bruce Fosdyck Jr; 7. Ron Marks Jr; 8. Cord Williams; 9. DJ Fuller; 

IMCA Modified

Heat 1: 1. Max Corporon; 2. Jacob waterman; 3. Dustin Crear; 4. Mike Fluegel; 5. Todd Dykema;

Heat 2: 1. Chris Stein; 2. Tony Von Dresky; 3. Matt Wilson; 4. Terry Rentfro; 5. Scott Moffitt;

Feature: 1. Jacob Waterman; 2. Matt Wilson; 3. Tony Von Dresky; 4. Terry Rentfro; 5. Max Corporon; 6. Scott Moffitt; 7. Greg Durbin; 8. Josh Starr; 9. Todd Dykema; 10. Mike Fluegel; 11. Chris Stein; 12. Hunter Wilson; 13. Bill Kretschmer; 14. George Spence III; 15. Dustin Crear;

4 Stock

Heat 1: 1. Scott Powell; 2. RandySinning; 3. Mike Morrow; 4. Jason Blocker; 5. Dale tucker;

Feature: 1. Ricky Kay; 2. Scott Powell; 3. Mike Morrow; 4. Randy Sinning; 5. Andy Maberry; 6. Jason  Blocker; 7. Dale Tucker; 8. Nick Riecks; 9. Stacy Nall; 10. Justin Veloz; 11. Josh Hazen;;