Traditional Mallards Jersey Auction Will Help Launch ?Genesis Concussion Management

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Aledo Times Record

Dinged, bell rung, knocked out.

Whatever the dismissive slang term might be, the fact is that concussions are brain injuries and the impact of brain injuries can be long-term and debilitating.

With the help of the Quad City Mallards and Mallards fans, Genesis Concussion Management will monitor athletes with concussions and help manage their recovery.

On Saturday, March 19, the Mallards will take the shirts off their backs following a game with Dayton for the annual jersey auction.  Proceeds from the auction will go to the Genesis Foundations to help launch the new Genesis Concussion Management program.

This year, the Mallards will be auctioning their actual game jerseys worn during the season rather than a themed jersey.

"One of the hottest topics in sports is the increasing incidence of concussions and the impact repeated concussions can have,'' said Connie Tauke, PT, Rehabilitation Services Manager of Genesis, Illini Campus.  "We have experienced the need in the region for a program like and are pleased that Mallards fans will help us get this project off the ground.''

Genesis Concussion Management is scheduled to open in June at Genesis Medical Center, Davenport and at Genesis Medical Center, Illini Campus in Silvis.

Prior to their season, athletes will be able to get a comprehensive, objective screening of balance function and neurocognitive screening to establish baseline

functioning.  Genesis will be using balance technology that is endorsed by the NCAA and used by many professional athletic teams.  If the athlete sustains a concussion, the clinic will again screen the athlete and a comparative assessment will be possible using the baseline results.

A recovery program may be prescribed and additional treatment may be recommended before the athlete is able to return to competition.

"One of the primary goals of the Genesis program will be to raise awareness about the seriousness of sports-related concussions and the long-term impact they can have,'' Tauke added.  "We thank the Mallards and their fans for helping us toward this goal.''

The Quad City Mallards and their fans have raised nearly $650,000 from jersey auctions for Genesis Health System programs and projects since 1996.?

"We're excited to again be working with Genesis on an important project that will benefit health in the region, especially the health of young athletes,'' said Chris Presson, President of the Quad City Mallards. "The Mallards and Genesis have a long partnership that has been beneficial for both organizations and we hope the partnership continues for many years to come."

It is estimated that emergency departments of hospitals in the U.S. treat 135,000 patients with sports and recreation-related traumatic brain injuries, including concussions each year.  

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