Murphy takes Davenport LM Checkers

Mike McGuire

With the yellow flags coming in bunches Friday night at the Davenport Speedway, it was only fitting that at least one feature winner drove a yellow car.

Mike Murphy Jr., driver of the yellow #14 IMCA Late Model, filled the bill. After a couple attempts to start the race failed, Murphy shot out to the lead from his third place starting position to the lead, on the opening lap. Much like Mike’s Deery Brothers victory at Davenport last month, Murphy would lead every lap of the feature.

Matt Ryan stayed in the top four all race long and made a charge to finish second. Stephan Kammerer made his way to second, before coming home third. Andy Nezworski ran a solid fourth, with Justin Kay fifth.

Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model heat race wins went to Murphy, Kammerer, and Mike Garland.

Doug Crampton won a caution-filled EMS IMCA Modified main. Brian Webb led the first two laps of the race before the cautions started flying. After four tries to restart the race, Crampton shot out in front of the field and led the rest of the way to the checkers.

Thad Wilson emerged from the pack to finish second. Mitch Morris started 14th and worked his way up to take third. Kelly Meyer and Joe Beal were both involved in early yellows, but came back to finish fourth and fifth respectively.  

Jeremy Marquette powered his way back into the winner’s circle, in the Koehler Electric Street Stock feature. Dwaine Hasson jumped out to an early lead in the race and held it through a series of cautions. By lap six, Marquette was battling Hasson for the lead. The pair would swap the lead back and forth for a couple laps, before Marquette would take the lead for good.

Hasson would hang on to finish second. Cary Brown, Kevin Dickey, and Josh Neal completed the top five, in that order.

Andy Wagener was at the top of the class in the Roto-Rooter 4-Stock division. Wagener took the lead on lap four, en route to his first victory at Davenport this season. Nick Bennett fought to hold off Aaron Hitt and finish second. Hitt was third and was followed to the finish line by Eric Stogdell and Ross Neal.

Next Friday, May 18th is School’s Out Kid’s Night, with a featured appearance by the Midwest Jalopies.

Davenport Speedway

May 11, 2012

Results -

Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Models (23 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Mike Garland; 2. Ray Guss Jr.; 3. Travis Denning; 4. Andy Nezworski; 5. Leroy Brenner;

Heat 2: 1. Stephan Kammerer; 2. Nate Bueseling; 3. Joe Ross; 4. Spencer Diercks; 5. Gary Webb;

Heat 3: 1. Mike Murphy Jr.; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Mike Cothron; 4. Matt Ryan; 5. Chuck Hanna;

Feature: 1. Mike Murphy Jr.; 2. Matt Ryan; 3. Stephan Kammerer; 4. Andy Nezworski; 5. Justin Kay; 6. Ray Guss Jr.; 7. Dave Stichter; 8. Nate Bueseling; 9. Chuck Hanna; 10. Mike Cothron; 11. Spencer Diercks; 12. Jeff Stevens; 13. Tracis Denning; 14. Bob Miller; 15. Tom Pestka; 16. Drake Ostrom; 17. Bart Miller; 18. Joe Ross; 19. Leroy Brenner; 20. Mike Garland; 21. Jon Coombs; 22. Gary Webb;

EMS IMCA Modifieds (24 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Kelly Meyer; 2. Brian Webb; 3. Dean McGee; 4. Aaron Burroughs; 5. Greg Wilson;

Heat 2: 1. Casey Voss; 2. Joe Beal; 3. Matt Fulton; 4. Jake Bowman; 5. Brian Bushong;

Heat 3: 1. Doug Crampton; 2. Keith Haislip; 3. Joe Jones Jr.; 4. Thad Wilson; 5. Mitch Morris;

Feature: 1. Doug Crampton; 2. Thad Wilson; 3. Mitch Morris; 4. Kelly Meyer; 5. Joe Beal; 6. Brian Webb; 7. Dean McGee; 8. John Shlers; 9. Matt Stein; 10. Casey Voss; 11. Brad Tyler; 12. Brian Bushong; 13. Joe Jones Jr.; 14. Craig Crawford; 15. Aaron Burroughs; 16. Matt Fulton; 17. Todd Dykema; 18. Bruce Fosdyck Sr.; 19. Greg Wilson; 20. Jake Bowman; 21. Bob Dominacki; 22. Keith Haislip;

Koehler Electric Street Stocks (15 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Cary Brown; 2. Kevin Dickey; 3. Bryan Ritter; 4. Gerald Ward; 5. Ryan Claeys;

Heat 2: 1. Jeremy Marquette; 2. Dwaine Hasson; 3. Cord Willaims; 4. Josh Starr; 5. Josh Neal;

Feature: 1. Jeremy Marquette; 2. Dwaine Hasson; 3. Cary Brown; 4. Kevin Dickey; 5. Josh Neal; 6. Josh Starr; 7. Keith Blum; 8. Bryan Ritter; 9. Cord Williams; 10. Ryan Claeys; 11. Erick Turner; 12. Gerald Ward; 13. Kevin Schloemer; 

Roto Rooter 4-Stocks (20 cars)

Heat 1: 1. Brent Bonney; 2. Gage Neal; 3. Andy Loy; 4. Jake Benischek; 5. Robert Hines;

Heat 2: 1. Ricky Kay; 2. Andy Wagener; 3. Eric Stogdell; 4. Triustin Clark; 5. Randy Sinning;

Heat 3: 1. Jake Ellithorpe; 2. Aaron Hitt; 3. Steve Boyle; 4. Brandon Dahl; 5. Wade Dahl;

Feature: 1. Andy Wagener; 2. Nick Bennett; 3. Aaron Hitt; 4. Eric Stogdell; 5. Ross Neal; 6. Ricky Kay; 7. Gage Neal; 8. Andy Loy; 9. Jake Benischek; 10. Kyle Rhoads; 11. Steve Boyle; 12. Wade Dahl; 13. Robert Hines; 14. Brandon Dahl; 15. James Parr; 16. Randy Sinning; 17. Tristin Clark; 18. Jake Ellithorpe; 19. Brent Bonney;