Veloz pockets Mod Madness cash at Davenport

Mike McGuire

Milo Veloz Jr. came on strong in the second half of the IMCA Modified Madness 50, scoring the victory and the $2,000 top prize. The 50-lap main event capped a great night of racing at the Davenport Speedway on Kile Motorsports night.

Veloz started the feature in the 12th position and had moved up to third by the midway point of the race. The Colona, Illinois racer would take the lead from Gilman, Iowa’s Richie Gustin on lap 34, en route to the victory.

Gustin, led laps ten through thirty-three and finished a strong second, after starting on the outside pole.

Brad Dierks beat out Dan Chapman for a third place finish, with early race leader Bob Dominacki, rounding out the top five. Dominacki, Gustin, Scott Hogan, and Darin Duffy won the four IMCA Modified heat races. Chapman and J.D. Auringer won the two semi-features. Thirty-six modifieds were on hand for the event.

Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model point leader, Mike Murphy Jr. returned to victory lane. Murphy took the lead on lap 18 of the 25-lap main. Bart Miller, Gary Webb, Chuck Hanna, and Marty Diercks each took a turn at the top spot, before Murphy grabbed the lead.

Diercks would hang on for second with Colby Springsteen third in his first points race at Davenport this season. Hanna finished in the fourth spot and Justin Kay completed the top five.

Murphy, Marty Diercks, and Spencer Diercks won late model heats.  

Jeremy Marquette also chalked up his second feature win  of the season in the Koehler Electric Street Stocks. Marquette snatched the lead from Emily Gade on lap ten and drove to the win. Emily would hang on for second, with Josh Neal earning a hard fought third. Jerry Pratt and Chip Kohl were fourth and fifth respectively.

Mitch Bielenberg was the third repeat feature winner of the night. Mitch zipped into the lead after a lap four yellow. Once in the lead, Bielenberg cruised to an easy win ahead of the hornet’s nest behind him. Early race leader Jake Ellithorpe took second. Gage Neal survived the scramble for third. Ricky Kay and Tristin Clark rounded out the first five.

Weekly points racing continues next Friday, June 8th, with the Midwest Jalopies making their second appearance of 2012.

Davenport Speedway

June 1, 2012

Results -

IMCA Modified Madness 50

Heat 1: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Milo Veloz; 3. Ray Cox Jr.; 4. Dean McGee; 5. Dan Chapman;

Heat 2: 1. Darin Duffy; 2. Brad Dierks; 3. Mitch Morris; 4. Thad Wilson; 5. Cayden Carter;

Heat 3: 1. Scott Hogan; 2. Greg Durbin; 3. Joe Beal; 4. Kelly Meyer; 5. Doug Crampton;

Heat 4: 1. Richie Gustin; 2. Brandon Durbin; 3. Kevin Blum; 4. JD Auringer; 5. Todd Dykema;

Semi 1: 1. Dan Chapman; 2. Kelly Meyer; 3. Doug Crampton; 4. Dean McGee; 5. Jake Bowman;

Semi 2: 1. JD Auringer; 2. Thad Wilson; 3. Dayden Carter; 4. Todd Dykema; 5. Kevin Goben;

Feature: 1. Milo Veloz Jr.; 2. Richie Gustin; 3. Brad Dierks; 4. Dan Chapman; 5. Bob Dominacki; 6. Darin Duffy; 7. JD Auringer; 8. Brandon Durbin; 9. Greg Durbin; 10. Dean McGee; 11. Doug Crampton; 12. Joe Beal; 13. Mitch Morris; 14.Kelly Meyer ; 15. Todd Dykema; 16. Thad Wilson; 17. Ray Cox Jr. ; 18. Cayden Carter; 19. Kevin Blum; 20. Scott Hogan;

Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Models

Heat 1: 1. Marty Diercks; 2. Mike Garland; 3. Ray Guss Jr.; 4. Gary Webb; 5. Travis Denning;

Heat 2: 1. Mike Murphy Jr.; 2. Matt Ryan; 3. Jeff Stevens; 4. Dave Stichter; 5. Andy Nezworski;

Heat 3: 1. Spencer Diercks; 2. Chuck Hanna; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Bart Miller; 5. Drake Ostrom;

Feature: 1. Mike Murphy Jr.; 2. Marty Diercks; 3. Colby Springsteen; 4. Chuck Hanna; 5. Justin Kay; 6. Gary Webb; 7. Nate Bueseling; 8. Andy Nezworski; 9. Matt Ryan; 10. Ray Guss Jr.; 11. Stephan Kammerer; 12. Mike Garland; 13. Dave Stichter; 14. Mike Zemo Jr.; 15. Spencer Diercks; 16. Drake Ostrom; 17. Bart Miller; 18. Travis Denning; 19. LeRoy Brenner; 20. Jeff Stevens; 21. Eric Sanders; 22. Collin Straka; 23. Jon Coombs;

Koehler Electric Street Stocks

Heat 1: 1. Emily Gade; 2. Chip Kohl; 3. Jeremy Marquette; 4. Josh Neal; 5. Cord Williams;

Heat 2: 1. Dwaine Hasson; 2. Jerry Pratt; 3. Cary Brown; 4. Kevin Dickey; 5. Gerald Ward;

Feature: 1. Jeremy Marquette; 2. Emily Gade; 3. Josh Neal; 4. Jerry Pratt; 5. Chip Kohl; 6. Dwaine Hasson; 7. Keith Blum; 8. Kevin Dickey; 9. Cord Williams; 10. Josh Starr; 11. Gerald Ward; 12. Ryan Claeys; 13. Kevin Schloemer; 14. Cary Brown;  

Roto Rooter 4-Stocks

Heat 1: 1. Tristin Clark; 2. Wade Dahl; 3. Nick Bennett; 4. Andy Loy; 5. Zach Dahl;

Heat 2: 1. Kyle Rhoads; 2. Brandon Dahl; 3. Aaron Hitt; 4. Gage Neal; 5. Tony Flynn;

Heat 3: 1. Mitch Bielenberg; 2. Ricky Kay; 3. Jake Ellithorpe; 4. Robert Hines; 5. Justin Fink;

Feature: 1. Mitch Bielenberg; 2. Jake Ellithorpe; 3. Gage Neal; 4. Ricky Kay; 5. Tristin Clark; 6. Brent Bonney; 7. Wade Dahl; 8. Aaron Hitt; 9. Zach Dahl; 10. Andy Loy; 11. Robert Hines; 12. Brandon Dahl; 13. Justin Fink; 14. Steve Boyle; 15. Jake Morris; 16. Terry Flynn; 17. James Parr; 18. Nick Bennett; 19. Brandon Setser;