Alleman no-hits Golden Eagles

Robert Blackford/Editor

The Alleman Pioneers softball played like the defending state champions they are and trounced Mercer County 14-0 on March 30.

"Well, they are a good team and they played like it," said Golden Eagle head coach Daryel Bewley following the loss. The Golden Eagles slip to 1-6 on the season after the loss.

"We have a ways to go to get our program back where it needs to be. It's going to take a little while. We've been there before and we can be there again."

"We are still awfully young." The Golden Eagles started two freshmen, two sophomores, three juniors and only two seniors in the varsity matchup.

Despite the loss Bewley said there were some positives to come out of the experience. "We made a couple of nice plays. Against a team like that you have to make all the plays. You can't give up outs."