Who were the victors in the Galesburg Junior All-City golf tourney? Find out here...

Matthew Wheaton
Galesburg Register-Mail
Titus Cramer, left, and Ella Herchenroder grabbed Galesburg Junior All-City golf tourney overall titles Friday.

GALESBURG — Titus Cramer and Ella Herchenroder were the overall winners of the 2022 Galesburg Junior All-City golf tournament.

Cramer, who finished atop the boys field, and Herchenroder, who won the girls crown, had different goals when they competed in the event.

"My goal was to get done as fast as I could before it got hot outside," Cramer said. "To be honest, that was pretty much it because I wasn't playing against anybody. I wanted to play good golf and fast, too."

Those aged 13 and up played 54 holes of golf (three rounds of 18). Cramer was the only individual who took part in the boys 15-17 division. Aidan Nelson and Jackson Crock-Sibbing were in the boys 13-14 field, and Cramer held a big lead over the pair after Tuesday's opening round at Bunker Links Golf Course.

Ella Herchenroder is one of three triplets. Grace Herchenroder and Taylor Herchenroder are her sisters. Lily Furrow is their cousin, and they made up the girls 13-14 division. Ella wanted to fare better than them, and Nelson, who is a classmate and friend.

"I was just trying to have fun playing with my sisters and my cousin," Ella Herchenroder said. "I felt really good once I beat them. I was 14 strokes ahead of Lily so I thought I could probably win (the division)."

Not only did Ella Herchenroder, who will be an eighth grader at Galesburg Junior/Senior High School this year, do that but she also won the overall girls title.

Cora Johnson and Erika McKee, who are Galesburg High School golf teammates, were in the 15-17 girls field, and Ella Herchenroder knew Johnson was a tough foe. However, Johnson was down 21 strokes heading into Friday's final round at Soangetaha Country Club.

"I knew Cora was going to be tough because she's a good player," Ella Herchenroder said.

How did overall champs feel they played?

Ella Herchenroder's best round in her life came Wednesday at Lake Bracken Country Club when she ended up with an 87. At Bunker Links, Ella carded a 93, and she finished with a 92 Friday for a 272 across three rounds.

"This course, I struggled on my putting. Sometimes, it was my hybrid but mostly my putting," Ella Herchenroder said. "I'm happy with the way I played this week. I got an 87 at Lake Bracken and that's my best round.

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"I'm just really happy that I won."

Cramer carded an 83 Tuesday, shot an 87 Wednesday at Lake Bracken, and the upcoming Knoxville High School senior tallied an 80 at Soangey to finish at 250.

"It should have been better Day 2 but today was better," Cramer said. "I'm slowly getting better before the golf season so I should be good for high school."

Cramer made back-to-back state appearances as a member of the Blue Bullets' bass fishing team, and he didn't hit the links much this summer but Cramer's getting into gear for his final season as a Knoxville golfer.

"I've been big on fishing because we went to state for fishing, so I've been fishing more than golf," Cramer said. "Now, I'm going to start getting into golf mode and doing that. I'm ready for the high school season. Hopefully, we have a team. I don't know how many people we have. I'm just going to have to try to be the medalist at meets. I can still go and individually win."

Junior All-City final results


18 holes

15-17: Titus Cramer, 83-87-80 — 250. 

13-14: Aidan Nelson, 89-94-96 — 279; Jackson Crock-Sibbing, 133-125-126 — 384. 

9 holes

10-12: Gavin Nelson, 50-47-49 —146; Braden Davis, 52-40-57 — 149; Cole Furrow, 49-50-54 — 153; Benton Davis, 73-55-69 — 197.

8-9: Aiden Frey, 28-27-24 — 79; Clay Gohlinghorst, 31-26-33 — 90; Cole Hedden, 36-33-31 — 100. 


Coltin Killip, 37-28-30 — 95; Cole Utsinger, 43-33-26 — 102; Coupland Davis, 66-46-45 — 157.


18 holes

15-17: Cora Johnson, 98-103-99 — 300; Erika McKee, 180-150-158 — 488.

13-14: Ella Herchenroder, 93-87-92 — 272; Lily Furrow, 103-91-104 — 298; Taylor Herchenroder, 99-101-99 — 299; Grace Herchenroder, 102-98-108 — 308.

9 holes

10-12: Ellie Johnson, 60-56-68 — 184; Kennedy VanUnnik, 74-54-69 — 197; Kodi Carley, 100-78-86 — 264.

5 holes

8-9: Allison Turner, 28-33-30 — 90; Naomi VanUnnik, 48-44-44 — 136.